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(End)The 3rd China Vehicle Insurance Outlook

The 3rd China Vehicle Insurance Outlook

May 10th-11th,2017

Beijing China

 The summit will invite the Domestic and Foreign Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Vehicle Internet Technology Solution Companies, Road Rescue Company, Auto Dealers and other industry participants together, focus on the market trends, product optimization, channel development, and tailored services these four sections, and find the strategy to promote the industry booming.

Conference Overview

(End)The 3rd China Vehicle Insurance Outlook

(End)The 3rd China Vehicle Insurance Outlook

(End)The 3rd China Vehicle Insurance Outlook

(End)The 3rd China Vehicle Insurance Outlook
Conference Organizer / Organizer

Hosted By : Shine Consultant

(End)The 3rd China Vehicle Insurance Outlook

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Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • The Connected Vehicle Trade Association (CVTA)
  • China Center for Insurance and Risk Management, Tsinghua University School of Economics and Manageme
  • Ma Tao
    Ma Tao Managing Director Genilex (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Xiaohui Lu
    Xiaohui Lu Deputy General Manager Genilex (Beijing) Information Technology Co.
  • Wensheng Zhu
    Wensheng Zhu Vice-director of Strategic Development Department China Life property & casualty Insurance Compa...
  • Weihua Zhu
    Weihua Zhu General Secretary China Automotive Connected Device Certification Al...
  • Colin Liang
    Colin Liang GM of BJ branch Liberty
  • Qingshan Gu
    Qingshan Gu PING AN Technology
  • Steven Shi
    Steven Shi Senior Economist and president Union Property and Casualty Insurance co., Ltd.
  • Meng, Shengwang
    Meng, Shengwang Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Stat Renmin University of China
  • Wei Zhou
    Wei Zhou actuary and the general manager’s assistant Sunshine Property and Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd....
  • Shuang Lei
    Shuang Lei General Manager of Auto Business Development Depar PICC property&Casualty Co.,Ltd.,
  • David He
    David He Global Partner & Managing Director The Boston Consulting Group
  • Scott McCormick
    Scott McCormick President Connected Vehicle Trade Association
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    • Agenda-CVIO

      May 10th, 2017


      Session One:

      Commercial Vehicle Insurance Market Insight and Analysis


      Session Two:

      Technology Lead the Products Optimization

      May 11th, 2017



      Business Innovation and Cross-Industry Collaboration


      Session Four :

      Future-Oriented Customization Services

Travel & Stay

(End)The 3rd China Vehicle Insurance Outlook