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The 10th Annual Wealth Management and Private Banking Asia 2016


December 1st-2nd

Shanghai China


The 10th Annual Wealth Management and Private Banking Asia 2016, takes place on December 1st-2nd, 2016 in Shanghai China. The annual event brings together leading private banks, family offices, wealth management institutions, trust companies, law firms and consulting firms from China and APAC to discuss issues of business cooperation, cross-industry and cross-border comprehensive services and discretionary portfolio mandates, as well as technology innovation in wealth management, etc. As China’s leading private banking events’ organizer, we believe the annual convention will consistently provide a great platform to share professional insights and catch business opportunities for all market players.


Conference Overview

China enters its economic “New Normal” along with the continuous evolution of RMB internationalization and devaluation. It creates an uncertain environment for high net worth individuals and financial institutions. Weak wealth protection, insufficient regulatory oversight, commercial dispute and divorce risk, as well as levy of legacy duty add pressure to the wealth management industry. Nevertheless, the number of HNWI clients keeps growing. According to BCG statistics, the total amount of personal investable assets increased to USD 17 trillion in China by the end of 2015 and reaches USD 30 trillion by 2020 as predicted. While private wealth in Asia is growing faster than other regions, China becomes one of the biggest wealth management markets for HNWIs and UHNWIs.

Since commencement in 2007, China’s wealth management and private banking has developed an impressive spectrum of products and services. However, the penetration of private banking service reaches only 8% in China’s HNWIs and UHNWIs. China’s private banks and wealth management institutions still need to increase the number of HNWI clients and satisfy their needs with international, digital and cross-industry comprehensive services. Market booms make global network establishment, family office business development and online platform upgrade the most challenging tasks to all players.

The 10th Annual Wealth Management and Private Banking Asia 2016, takes place on December 1st-2nd, 2016 in Shanghai China. The annual event brings together leading private banks, family offices, wealth management institutions, trust companies, law firms and consulting firms from China and APAC to discuss issues of business cooperation, cross-industry and cross-border comprehensive services and discretionary portfolio mandates, as well as technology innovation in wealth management, etc. As China’s leading private banking events’ organizer, we believe the annual convention will consistently provide a great platform to share professional insights and catch business opportunities for all market players.

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Conference Organizer / Organizer

Shine Consultant

Shine Consultant was founded in 2005, known as Global Leaders Institute before. As a leading international business summit producer and operator, it is committed to providing a communication platform and strategic industry information for business giants.Shine Media organizes over 40 international business summits each year, bringing together the key issues of concern to strategic managers and many political and business elites. It has become an indispensable platform for global business leaders.Based on its superior social resources, Shine Media now has a senior advisory group and committee of experts composed of government officials, renowned experts and senior academics. It has also established a strategic cooperative relationship with about a hundred authoritative organizations, including many famous media.We focus on industries as: Oil & Gas, Finance & Investment, Transportation & Logistics, Telecom Media, Pharma, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Trade & Tourism, and Real Estate. www.shine-consultant.com

Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • AIWM
  • CAIA Association
  • CIFA Foundation
  • Pathik GUPTA
    Pathik GUPTA Asia Head Scorpio Partnership
  • KANG Chaofeng
    KANG Chaofeng 财富产品投资策略部执行总经理 Ping An Trust
  • Nick Yim
    Nick Yim Head of North East Asia Region, Private Wealth Man Goldman Sachs
  • Jacky Tang
    Jacky Tang Head of Portfolio Management Group Goldman Sachs
  • David HE
    David HE Partner and Managing Director The Boston Consulting Group
  • Steven ZHANG
    Steven ZHANG Chief Economist Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities
  • Rupert HOOGEWERF
    Rupert HOOGEWERF Chairman/Chief Researcher Hurun Report
  • Jack Ni
    Jack Ni Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO Jupai Holdings Limited
  • Zhang Jialin
    Zhang Jialin President ZIPAIYI

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