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(End)2016 China Mobile Finance Innovation Forum

2016 China Mobile Finance Innovation Forum


Time: Nov. 29th-30th, 2016

Location: Shanghai · China


In recent years, China attaches great importance to technological innovation and inclusive finance. A wave of informatization influences the footsteps of mobile financial industry development that the “Internet +” represents.

According to CNNIC survey of China Internet network development, up to December 2015, there are 620 million mobile Internet users in China and an increase of 63.03 million than the end of 2014. The Population of people to access the Internet by mobile phone has risen from 85.8% to 90.1% and mobile phone is still the primary equipment in pulling the growth of Internet scale.





Conference Overview

In recent years, China attaches great importance to technological innovation and inclusive finance. A wave of informatization influences the footsteps of mobile financial industry development that the “Internet +” represents.
According to CNNIC survey of China Internet network development, up to December 2015, there are 620 million mobile Internet users in China and an increase of 63.03 million than the end of 2014. The Population of people to access the Internet by mobile phone has risen from 85.8% to 90.1% and mobile phone is still the primary equipment in pulling the growth of Internet scale.
With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the popularity and intelligent of mobile devices, mobile financial services has gradually integrated into the modern life. As the product of the "mobile Internet + finance", mobile finance represents the financial important development direction in the future and is the important part of China’s "Internet +" plan.
As one of the series of activities in the China Future Finance Week, The China Mobile finance Innovation Forum 2016 is hosted by Shine Consultant and aims to grasp the development trend of the mobile finance industry. Traditional financial institutions, financial service institutions and internet financial companies are invited to explore the impact and change to financial services from mobile Internet’s business model; how to improve the financial services through the Internet; the development, opportunities and Challenges of adding the financial products’ value. Aiming at the application scenario of mobile Internet finance, The China Mobile finance Innovation Forum 2016 will build Bridges for application developers, mobile platform, service and financial industries and provide a platform for industry chain parties.

(End)2016 China Mobile Finance Innovation Forum
Conference Organizer / Organizer

Shine Consultant
Shine Consultant (Formerly the Shine Media) is a progressive business media, serving clients from around the world. We offer a comprehensive product mix, ranging from summits, business to business conferences, and trade shows to made-on-demand specialty seminars. By bringing business communities together, in person, in print or online, we help decision-makers to get ahead of the curve on emerging issues, make key connections, and reach out to new customers. As for financial industry, by far we have presented the following events series with influential partners: 9 of Payment China Summit, 2 of Asia Family Wealth Management,9 of Private Banking Asia, 3 of Asia Trade Finance Summit, 3 of Global Asset Management China, etc.

Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • Asia Pacific Smart Card Association(APSCA)
  • GlobalPlatform
  • DU Hao
    DU Hao SVP Dodopal
  • SHI Xiang
    SHI Xiang GM Assistant Huahai Insurance
    BOBBY LEE co-founder & CEO BTCC
  • LI Yingchen
    LI Yingchen VP QianBao Finance
  • Michael Lu
    Michael Lu Regional Manager and BD Director of Greater China Trustonic
  • ZHAO Yu
    ZHAO Yu Director China Financial Certification Authority
  • CHEN Xi
    CHEN Xi President of Innovation and Consumer Finance Busin Iqianjin
  • Yigen PEI
    Yigen PEI Vice President Citibank
  • Michael Zhao
    Michael Zhao VP & Senior Business Leader China digital payment MasterCard
  • WU Xuchuan
    WU Xuchuan Director of Financial Research Institute The People’s Bank of China

(End)2016 China Mobile Finance Innovation Forum

  • beBit
  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai UCloud Cloud Computing Co., Ltd.
  • Easylink Payment
  • Social Touch
  • Hangzhou UD Credit Networks Co., Ltd (UD Networks)
  • Shanghai PayPOS, Inc
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