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Financial Data & Information Asia 2017

Financial Data & Information Asia 2017

September 14th-15th, 2017

Beijing, China


Conference Overview


In recent years, as the financial industry’s business volume increases, so does its financial information and data intake. The growth in financial information is unprecedented under the background of big data and cloud era, so the financial institutions have to increase their requirements for data storage capacity, safety and reliability: Establishment of safe and controllable financial IT operation and maintenance mechanism, deployment of open and intelligent data center to ensure the full stability of financial operations, implementation of data assets to dig out commercial value, effective control of security risks on financial institutions. How traditional financial institutions enhance their ability to handle large numbers of customers and raw data, promote data-driven rational strategic decisions, turn insight into innovation, and expand financial business value have become a major concern.


"Financial Data & Information Asia 2017" will be held on September 14th- 15th, 2017 in Beijing, China. It'll serve as an international platform for domestic and foreign government officers, industry associations, leadership banks, insurance group, internet finance, securities company etc - President/ Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Chief Data Officer, science and technology dept, data center division, data governance expert to explore the core driving force of data governance system in financial industry, data assetization, the promotion of financial big data application scenario and system, understand what is data standardization, data quality and data governance and other hot topics, to find the best solution provider and business partner.


Financial Data & Information Asia 2017

 Financial Data & Information Asia 2017



Financial Data & Information Asia 2017

Financial Data & Information Asia 2017 



Financial Data & Information Asia 2017
Conference Organizer / Organizer

Financial Data & Information Asia 2017

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Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • Chenggang ZHAO
    Chenggang ZHAO Director of System Support Department China Banking Association
  •  Sue Geuens
    Sue Geuens President DAMA International
  •  Fengzhan TIAN
    Fengzhan TIAN General Manager Sunshine Insurance Group
  • Chen LIU
    Chen LIU Secretary General DAMA China
  • Liangjun LIU
    Liangjun LIU Deputy General Manager Software Development Center, China CITIC Bank
  • Shoubin ZHAO
    Shoubin ZHAO Deputy Director Technical Center, HENGFENG BANK Co. Ltd

 Financial Data & Information Asia 2017

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    存储网,官方唯一域名 www.stor.com.cn,致力于打造中国存储行业权威媒体平台:帮助各厂商和经销商,宣传和展示其先进存储技术和产品;帮助各种规模的企业,采购适合企业发展现状的存储方案;为广大行业从业人员,提供开放交流平台和海量存储资料;
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    比特网(ChinaByte)是中国第一家IT互联网媒体,创建于1997年初,在行业里创造过多个第一,第一笔广告收入,第一个引入风投,开创了中国互联网历史的一个个里程碑,也充分验证了Chinabyte(比特网)的商业价值。十余年来, Chinabyte(比特网)汇聚高端商业人群,紧跟行业趋势,为用户提供全面、专业、鲜活的新闻报道和观点,逐渐完善企业应用和信息化内容,已成为C-level、技术决策层、商业决策层和IT专业人员等高端受众的首选网站,构筑了业界领先的地位和独特商业价值。比特网见证和影响了中国IT产业发展,助推了中国信息化进程。http://www.chinabyte.com/
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    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 17
    FX168财经集团(www.FX168.com)是以大中华区的上海、北京、深圳、苏州、香港以及北美温哥华、欧洲伦敦为运营基地,提供24H专业全球财经资讯、金融数据、投资教育培训、金融会展、品牌推广等综合服务的知名供应商。我们的业务涉及全球35个主要投资市场,拥有上千家机构合作伙伴,服务面向中国2亿投资者及全世界5000多万华人。1. FX168财经报社FX168财经报社是通过FX168财经网、24K99、99期货、2Rich以及移动APP为展现平台的综合服务媒体。我们面向全球华人提供24小时专业全球财经资讯和信息服务。网站内容及时、准确、全面,连续多年成为新浪、腾讯、凤凰、网易、搜狐等近百家互联网公司的数据及资讯提供方,同时还为金融机构如银行、期货公司长期提供资讯和数据服务。2. FX168财经学院FX168财经学院是以FX168投资英雄为训练平台、以线上线下课程作为培训体系的专业财经院校,与高校金融或投资类院系教育不同的是,我们更注重学生实战能力的培训。FX168财经学院拥有人力资源服务许可证,可面向社会发放培训能力认证证书。3. FX168金融研究院FX168金融研究院是基于大数据研究评价体系并提供评级服务以及各类专业研究报告的服务型研究机构,FX168外汇、贵金属暨大宗商品以及全球投资市场蓝皮书都是出自FX168金融研究院。此外,FX168金融研究院还提供理财产品、基金以及经济指标数据库服务。4. FX168事件统筹FX168事件统筹部门秉承以“客户为本”的服务理念,从市场策略到活动策划,从公关传播到现场执行,我们为客户提供高度专业和不断创新的会务服务。我们的口号是“用会议连接金融行业内的每一个人!”。
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    Huodongjia is a professional conference platform for query and registration , gathered with various of different industies quality meetings. Each year more than 100,000 business meetings released here, and millions people buy tickets for their target event in huodongjia. It creates a new conference information platform and provides services of conference release, marketing, conference sharing, live video, live conference , guest presentations, lecture notes and others which offers the opportunities to those who are in demand of meeting with the industry elites. Make a need for people to meet the industry's elite. To find a meeting ,please on www.huodongjia.com.
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    Launched in 1997, IT is the earliest enterprise - oriented business and IT website in China. To top network focused on enterprise IT strategy and plan, and the Internet + the Chinese industry transformation of The Times, and including cloud computing, big data, industrial 4.0, moving, enterprise social IT technology, decision analysis, etc
    发布时间: 2017 - 01 - 17
    发布时间: 2017 - 06 - 23
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 10
    证券之星始创于1996年,是纳斯达克上市公司--中国金融在线(C.F.O.)旗下的财经网站。证券之星以金融理财产品为核心,通过网站平台 、无线终端、专业频道等渠道,依托中国领先的理财产品研究分析专家团队,以及国内强有优势的理财技术创新开发团队,为中国理财用户提 供专业、及时、丰富的投顾信息。
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    金汇财经上海通寅信息科技有限公司是一家从事网络科技与技术服务的开放公司,以网络平台为媒介给客户制作手机应用、计算机软件及网站为中心。公司将秉着“客户至上,诚信为本”的经营理念,以客户需求为使命,“集”客户所急,“成”客户所想,及时全面的理解客户信息化需求。战略目标: 搭上互联网+风口,开发移动端应用(手机APP、微信、微博等),打造全球金融投资领域的信息发布平台与互动社交平台,为专业投资人与普通投资者提供高效的沟通渠道。我们的目标:做看得懂的全球财经与金融信息服务,为专业投资人与普通投资者打造高效的沟通渠道。我们的服务:全球实时财经资讯;包括股市、外汇、贵金属、商品等全球主要金融市场实时行情及专业分析;针对个人投资者的投资及交易分析指导、在线培训;为优异的财富管理团队聚拢资金,为普通投资者提供财富增值保值服务渠道;为公司及机构客户量身定制的宣传推广服务;定期举办区域性金融理财博览会。
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 10
    Online will points (hui.net) -- the newsletter gulls its core product, is the earliest WeChat interaction, H5 application scenarios, iBeacon technology into business services scenario, success will be meeting & ticketing, WeChat & terminals, data & CRM, aggregation, marketing promotion, etc. Will point business communication as the point of an important part of innovation solved the organization before the meeting, in the interaction and participation interactive experience, after data analysis, such as meeting problem, also in WeChat customized development, H5 dynamic page customization, paid ticketing services with unique ideas and rigorous production technique, improve the organizational efficiency and the organizers of the meeting participants interactive experience. In add...
    发布时间: 2017 - 06 - 16
    ZHEJIANG TOURONGJIE was established in June 2010, the company formerly known as zhejiang investment seminar (the original council for the promotion of economic development in zhejiang province)was founded in 1995, with 22 years of experience in investment and financing services. As China's largest investment and financing service platform, it has 1.8m projects in platform, with an average of 4000 new projects everyday; and 300 thousand parties in finance, which hold totaled of more than 5 trillion. It provides targeted financing information docking and pinch of distribution service, successful docking investment over billions of dollars.
    发布时间: 2017 - 07 - 24
    数邦客(www.databanker.cn)定位为DT时代组织转型的方案服务商,作为DT时代组织转型的方案服务商,是企业数据服务方案、案例、技术、产品的资源聚合平台;是连接服务商与用户的自助互动平台;是助力传统企业走向“智慧企业”的重要驱动平台,旨在为用户遴选行业最优方案与潜力服务商,成为企业大数据价值挖掘者、数据驱动服务先导者以及数据与商业的连接者。数邦客以大数据领域的解决方案为核心资源,将解决方案与相应行业和相应企业进行关联,拓展以大数据应用案例、行业专家、服务商为主的数据库,关注平台用户对方案的选择、评价和分享。 通过对解决方案的展示,为用户遴选行业最优方案与潜力服务商; 通过选取少数种子服务商,将服务商的解决方案、产品、技术、品牌理念等进行推广; 通过对应用案例的解读分析,深度介入企业大数据挖掘和转型的战略发展。宣传口号:大数据价值构建师平台定位:DT时代组织转型的方案服务商发展目标:1.大数据解决方案供需者的自助互动平台2.DT时代洞察行业前沿趋势和企业转型升级路径的数据仓库与高端智库
    发布时间: 2016 - 10 - 19
    发布时间: 2017 - 02 - 14
    广告买卖网(http://www.admaimai.com/ ),一家2B的媒体资源展示交易平台,属于互联网+广告电商,可理解为广告行业的阿里。广告买卖网是专业广告资源在线交易市场,最具影响力媒体价值营销平台,广告行业权威门户网站,日访问量200万以上,月度不重复访客2000万,百度权重6,百度协议新闻源。站长站和艾瑞评选广告行业网站第一名,有300多各二级频道,4000多个三级频道,1000多万个独立页面。流量,会员等数据是同类网站加起来的总和还要大一倍以上。广告易致力于打造广告资源闭环交易平台。投广告更容易,更便宜,让广告与互联网结合,是发展宗旨和愿景。从临过期空置资源交易平台切入,程序化闭环交易,财务实时自动结算。并通过建立的366个落地服务商,实现线上线下结合的,集约化采购的广告资源采购大渠道,构建和谐共赢的广告产业生态圈。
    发布时间: 2017 - 06 - 26

    • Day One AM 09:00-12:15

      Policy Interpretation


      Day One PM 14:00-17:30

      Data Integration and Business Application


      Day Two AM 09:00-12:15

      Data Management and Marketing Strategy

      Day Two PM 14:00-17:30

      Data Storage and Quality Management

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