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 Scott S. Liu, Ph.D.
Scott S. Liu, Ph.D.

President and CEO,


 Shanghai Henlius Biotech Co. Ltd., China

Dr. Miao is a well-known expert in international biological medicine, selected Zhejiang provincial personnel plan project 521 of Hangzhou in 2016,and he has thousands of projects, in the new drug research and development, project management, business operations, international cooperation and company management and other aspects of a very high attainments and fruitful results.
In recent years, focusing on the antibody drug couplet (antibody-drug conjugate) development and Practice Research of ADC biological pharmaceutical field, he is a well-known international scientist and academic leader, with antibody drug conjugates in "quantitative coupling technology" and "high active small molecule warhead" core technology innovation, research and development of the third generation of toxin the molecular activity of microtubule inhibitors and double double active DNA alkylating agent, which has stronger toxicity, coupling more effective, characteristics of metabolism in the body longer; the design of the AV1 and AV2 connector (Linker), and CLockTM and K-LockTM antibody drug conjugate technology, antibody conjugate coupling ratio uniform, better selectivity, and high coupling number of products high activity; ADC drug screening technology platform Pre-screening kitsTM, POC screening panelTM, 20-50 screening panelsTM etc. On the basis of new and industry-leading research results, we will continue to study further, improve existing products and technologies, and develop a variety of new drugs.