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Antonio DeLorenzo
Antonio DeLorenzo

co-founder and CEO


Funder Exchange

Before starting FEX, Antonio’s career over the last several years spanned fintech and regtech with an emphasis on blockchain in both retail and enterprise applications. Antonio worked with identitii and co-founded HelloGold. He worked with SWIFT to lead their ASEAN Integration Initiative focusing on the implementation of technical and financial standards among central banks and bankers’ associations in APAC. 


In Dubai, he spearheaded an initiative to amend rules to afford asset managers flexibility in structuring funds. He acted as Compliance Officer for a number of private wealth institutions. Antonio joined the Securities Commission Malaysia in 2009 to help with the Capital Market Masterplan. He also designed the AgroSukuk, introduced by the Prime Minister in 2012 to float bonds in the capital market to fund rural sector projects. 


While in New York, he co-created an index with Dow Jones and listed the Javelin ETF on the New York Stock Exchange. At Saturna Capital, Antonio and the sales team were responsible for increasing AUM seven-fold in a span of less than two years. 


Antonio writes on topics in finance and technology and frequently gives guest lectures on finance related topics. He has spoken at NUS, NYU, UPENN, MIT, Baruch College and other Universities. Antonio studied finance at Virginia Commonwealth University and holds a master’s in business administration from INSEAD.