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Jim WU
Jim WU



Ark Biosciences

Dr. Jim Wu is founder and CEO of Ark Biosciences. Dr. Wu has an extensive and successful pharma experience in which he contributed to development of antiviral, oncology, metabolic and CNS drugs, including Potiga™/Trobalt™ andZurampic™ that were approved by FDA and EMEA for global marketing. He was a senior scientist at Schering-Plough Research Institute, now part of Merck, and director of preclinical and translational research at Valeant Pharmaceuticals. He was a founding scientist of Ribapharm that went for IPO at NYSE in 2002 for $800 million USD. More recently he was a member of China management team and head of biology at Roche R&D Center China, where he held responsibility for oncology, virology and diabetic drug discovery. Dr. Wu was CEO of Sumo Bioscience, a California-based biotech startup before he founded Ark Biosciences in 2013, focusing on antiviral drug discovery and clinical development.

Dr. Wu obtained his BSc from University of Science and Technology of China, his PhD from Brown University, and conducted postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School. He is a coauthor of 60s scientific papers and serves in editorial advisory board of “Antimicrobial Agent and Chemotherapy”. He is also an adjunct professor at Fudan University School of Pharmacy and Shanghai Medical College. In his pharma industrial career, he is a co-inventor of 15 patents and contributed to 6 INDs and 2 NDAs.