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David Piesse
David Piesse

Chairman of Ambassador Program


the International Insurance Society

David Piesse is CEO of DP88 Limited in Hong Kong. He is an insuretech entrepreneur and executive whose global career has spanned 35 years in the insurance, information technology and risk management sectors across multiple channels and markets. He has worked in major financial organisations globally always dovetailing with information technology. He founded one of the first insurance online companies in the dot.com era and was the global head of Insurance for Sun Microsystems based on Hong Kong. 

He started his insurance career in the London market before working in the Canadian market in the energy sector. He also worked at the United Nations as a consultant working on over 50 emerging markets delivering long term risk management and natural disaster solutions. He is a protagonist in financial inclusion and microinsurance. 

Currently he is on the advisory board of Guardtime the world’s largest blockchain company , representative for Analycat AI , Chairman of the International Insurance Society Ambassador Program , the advisory board of Ultimate Risk Solutions specialising in Insurance capital management and solvency. He was part of the team that launched the first commercial blockchain application (InsurWave) into production in 2018.  

He holds qualifications from the British Computer Society and Chartered Insurance Institute and in 2017 was awarded the Kenneth Black Junior Award by the IIS for services to insurance.