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GEEKHEAL is an original in-depth medium, and high-end think tank specialized in innovative medicine, sustainably focusing on the latest technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, and the changes in healthcare service. It provides the most valuable in-depth innovative medicine information for the large clinicians, entrepreneurs of medical technology and medical-policy makers.

At present, GEEKHEAL has over 150,000 high-quality customers in medical industry. Its content platforms and channels contain GEEKHEAL Wechat account, GEEKHEAL website, various third-party information platforms, video distribution channel and 80+ media partnership channel. Its rich content product line includes original in-depth report, original book & report, original video and innovative conference and database platform. In current original in-depth report area, GEEKHEALs mature branded programs such as Enlitic, clinical discovery, Geek doctor and Geekheal Knowledge are popular among the readers.