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International Summit
档案编号: December 15th-16th, 2021
施工进度: Shanghai, China
2021 Retail Banking Leaders Forum is gathering outstanding industry experts, innovative professionals and decision makers. We believe ‘look wide and choose wise’, then ‘stack deep and rise deep’. We sincerely hope you will be with us, on December 15th-16th , 2021 in Shanghai!
档案编号: March 10th-11th, 2022
施工进度: Shanghai,China
The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022Time:March 10th-11th, 2022Address:Shanghai · ChinaTheme:Clinical Value Oriented to Make the Real New DrugThe 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders (APRL) is a high-end strategic summit in Asia focusing on drug discovery and development. The 11th APRL 2022 will once again bring together top experts in new drug R&D from global multinational pharmaceutical companies, domestic and international biotechnology companies, scientific research institutes and other institutions.APRL 2022 will focus on clinical value-oriented and patient-centered drug development and innovation,work together to improve the efficiency of clinical development, accelerate the speed of new drug development to market, actively explore differentiated R&D strategies, pro...
档案编号: December 15th-16th, 2021
施工进度: Shanghai, China
The 2nd Financial Services Innovation and Customer Experience Summit 2021Time:December 15th-16th, 2021Address:Shanghai · ChinaTheme:Technology Humanizes Financial ServiceCustomers are the cornerstone of finance, and service is the core of financial institutions' operations. In recent years, with the digital storm sweeping the world, the Internet has increasingly changed the foundation of traditional financial services. Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology will promote profound changes in financial services. Under the background of the digital economy, the financial needs of customers are becoming more agile, customized, online, and diversified. In the face of this situation, the only way to refine customers is through the 'customer-orie...
档案编号: 2021.11.18-19
施工进度: ShangHai
The 2021 (seventh) China Health Insurance Development Forum has the theme of 'passing through and rebirth, innovation and revolution', aiming to deeply focus on the development pain points and market opportunities of commercial health insurance under the policy supervision and guidance of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission. Accurately grasp the development trends and future trends of health insurance, accelerate the integration and innovative development of the health insurance ecosys-tem, and help establish and improve China's multi-level medical security system!
档案编号: November 11-12, 2021
施工进度: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
As an important supporting technology to ensure flight safety, measurement & test run through the various stages of aircraft design, development, production, and operation and maintenance.Against this background, International Aviation Measurement & Test Summit 2021 ( IAMTS 2021 ) will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan on November 11-12, 2021. At that time, nearly 300 experts, leaders, and scholars from aircraft development and operation and maintenance units, scientific research institutes, inspection companies, and related system and equipment suppliers will gather together to discuss cutting-edge trends and hot topics in aviation measurement & test industry, sharing the latest achievements of technological progress and promoting industry-university-research exchanges. Hereby, we s...
档案编号: August 12-13th
施工进度: Beijing,China
2021 is the first year for China to implement the '14th Five-Year Plan', and it is also the historical meeting point for achieving the 'two centenary' goals. As the financial industry vigorously develops financial technology and continues to improve its innovation capabilities, the digital transformation of finance is accelerating. To achieve a stable and orderly operation of the national economy, the primary goal of financial supervision is to maintain the bottom line of 'no systemic financial risks'.this forum will invite senior executive decision makers from the Risk Management Department, Compliance Department, Information Technology Department, Credit Management Department and other departments to address the 'financial In-depth exchanges and discussions on...
档案编号: 9.9-10
施工进度: 北京
The 2021 Insurtech Innovation Partner Conference will be launched in Beijing with the theme of “Technology Connection, Partner Symbiosis, and Warm Insurance”. It aims to focus on new driving forces for industry innovation and development, and fully connect with partners in the insurance ecosystem. Demonstrate the new forces of insurance technology, work together to solve the pains and difficulties of business development, build a cooperation resource network in the insurance industry, make cooperation easier, and let innovation be warm!
档案编号: 10.26-27
施工进度: Shanghai
Bio Partnering APAC Summit is a high-end strategic summit focusing on the theme of 'cooperation' in biomedicine in the Asia-Pacific region. Since its first opening in Shanghai in 2016, the BIO APAC Summits have witnessed the transformation and innovation of China's biomedical industry. The drastic historical reforms of China's drug regulatory agencies, the internationalization of biomedical companies' innovative research and development, the emergence of blockbuster cases of cross-border transaction cooperation, and the heat wave of the securities capital market swept the entire biomedical industry. A large number of elites returned to China to start businesses, innovative pharmaceutical companies are racing to go public, valuations of new drug R&D service companies...
档案编号: June 24-25 2021
施工进度: Shanghai, China
2021 Food Safety Innovation SummitTime: 24th - 25th, June, 2021Address:Shanghai · ChinaTheme: Chasing Transforming Consumption Trends, Sparking Innovative Food Safety SolutionsFood Safety Innovation Summit 2021 is planning to gather domestic and international food safety experts, announcing latest food safety demands, regulations, standards and certification programs, sharing innovative food quality safety methods and practices from various food manufacturers, demonstrating new microbiological, food additives, pesticides and veterinary drugs, food allergens, packaging and tracing technologies and applications, exploring practical food safety solutions under new retail, consumption upgrading and new food chain ecosystems.
档案编号: June 22nd-23rd, 2021
施工进度: Shanghai · China
Asia Pharma Manufacturing Congress 2021 Time:June 22nd-23rd, 2021Address:Shanghai · ChinaTheme:Enrich life, Pursue Innovation, and Win a Brilliant TomorrowThe 2021 Asian Pharma Manufacturing Congress will focus on the new trends, new changes and new needs of the pharmaceutical industry under the drug reform. It will bring together pharmaceutical industry regulatory leaders, pharmaceutical industry association leaders, top 100 pharmaceutical companies, multinational pharmaceutical companies, innovative pharmaceutical companies, and pharmaceutical R&D services Leaders and decision makers of enterprises, pharmaceutical industry parks and other institutions will discuss the development of the pharmaceutical industry and promote the healthy and high-quality development of the phar...
档案编号: August 19th-20th, 2021
施工进度: Shanghai, China
2021 SHIPPING TECH LEADERS SUMMITTime:August 19th-20th, 2021Address:Shanghai, ChinaTheme:Brave the winds and waves, creat an intelligent, green and safe shippingAs the industry's leading communication platform, co-organized by Shanghai International Shipping Institute and Shine Consultant, the 6th Shipping Tech Leaders Summit 2021 will be held at August 19th-20th in Shanghai. It will continue to be committed to serving the leaders of the shipping industry and win the Chinese shipping market for the participants. Under the theme of 'Brave the winds and waves, creat an intelligent, green and safe shipping', we will conduct in-depth discussions on hot spots such as laws and regulations, industry trends, smart technology, and green safety under the new situation, and bring sma...
档案编号: June 2nd-3rd,2021
施工进度: Beijing · China
China “Four-Type” Airport Development Forum 2021Time:Jun. 2nd - 3rd, 2021Address:Beijing · ChinaTheme:Facing the Future,Promoting the Development of “Four-Type” AirportIn 2020, although the airport industry will be affected to a certain extent due to the impact of the epidemic, due to better domestic epidemic control, civil aviation passenger traffic has recovered to nearly 90% in the same period last year. In the future, China’s airports will continue to play their contribution to the national economy and regional economy.However, although the civil aviation industry has made certain achievements in the speed and scale of industrial development, some deep-seated contradictions need to be resolved.
档案编号: 2021 April 27-29
施工进度: Nanjing
Global Rolling Stock Industry Innovation Summit 2021Time:April 27-29, 2021 Address:Nanjing, Jiangsu, ChinaTheme:Smart, Green, RegenerativeGlobal rolling stock market is ushering a new wave of growth opportunity. Numerous governments and operators issued initiatives and plans to promote new rolling stock and modernizing the aging vehicles, to provide more convenient mobility service and better passenger experience. Rolling stock manufacturers, led innovations in lightweight, smart, green, new energy, intelligent maintenance, are improving vehicle operation and fuel efficiency. Furthermore, applications of innovative technologies like new materials, improved processing technologies, smart manufacturing, IoT, big data, AI, digital twins, enable rolling stock industry more growth potentia...
档案编号: 11th -12th, March,2021
施工进度: Sanya · China
The 9th China Insurance International Summit 2021Time: 11th -12th, March,2021Address:Sanya · ChinaTheme: Opening Up for Co-Prosperity, Innovation Leading to the FutureThe 9th China Insurance International Summit 2021 will be launched in Hainan with the theme of“ Opening Up for Co-Prosperity, Innovation Leading to the Future”. It aims to cooperate with global insurance companies under the premise of financial opening policy and free trade port construction. Together, industry leaders will explore new opportunities for the development of the insurance industry and embark on a new journey for the development of the insurance industry!
档案编号: March 25th-26th, 2021
施工进度: Shanghai · China
FINANCIAL SERVICE  INNOVATION CUSTOMER  EXPERIENCE SUMMITTime:March 25th-26th, 2021Address:Shanghai · ChinaTheme:Technology Humanizes Financial ServiceOfficial meetings of The People's Bank of China 2020 has mentioned to improve the level of financial services and management, develop the legislation and regulation system building.More than 70% organizations provided services based on digital, intelligent and online have increased to 70%.   In face of such complicated environment, consumer fifinance service should keep improving competitiveness, using advanced technology and cooperating with tech providers to satisfy customers’ one-station all-service demands. These are primary focuses of digitalization of fifinancial service.
档案编号: January 21-22, 2021
施工进度: Xi'an, China
The 10th China Aviation Industry SummitTime:January 21-22, 2021 Address:Xi'an, ChinaTheme:Overcome Difficulties and Join Hands to Promote the High-Quality Development of Aviation Manufacturing
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