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(End)2018 The 14th Annual Wealth Management & Private Banking Asia

The 14th Annual Wealth Management & Private Banking Asia 2018

Time: Dec. 6th-7th, 2018

Address : Shanghai · China

This event will provide a platform for private banks and wealth management to explore hot issues including Wealth management innovation, the impact of Sino-US trade war on overseas investment and global asset allocation, how to strengthen capability of active investment management, family wealth management and etc.

Conference Overview


After the new regulations were issued, private banking and wealth management industry will enter a new period of regulation adjustment, returning to the origin of asset management. The wealth management market will also face the opportunities and challenges brought by the global economic environment and the domestic regulatory environment. In order to meet the requirements of new regulations and follow the trend of market development, the wealth management industry will pay more attention to the transformation of wealth management, investment research, core competitiveness of asset management, client segmentation and comprehensive service capabilities to further enhance the comprehensive service capabilities of wealth management. 

Accordingly, this event will provide a platform for private banks and wealth management to explore hot issues including Wealth management innovation, the impact of Sino-US trade war on overseas investment and global asset allocation, how to strengthen capability of active investment management, family wealth management and etc.

【Key issues】

>>How to Innovate and Development in the New Regulation Environment

>>Enhance Business Synergy to Enhance Capabilities of Cross-Border Service

>>Global Asset Allocation Strategies in China-US Trade War

>>How to Provide Integrated Investment and Financing Services for UHNWIs  

>>Transformation in private banking: Specialization, Integration, and Personalization

>>How to Conduct Differentiated Positioning and Characteristic Management of Private Banking in City Commercial Banks

>>Explore the consulting service model of wealth management institutions

>>Strengthen Capabilities of Active Investment Management to Upgrade the Core Competitiveness of Wealth Management

>>Strategy Upgrade and Transformation of Private Banking in the Context of New Regulations

>>Prospects and Development Trends of Family Trust Business

>>How Do Securities Companies Seize Opportunities in Wealth Management Market?

>>How to Improve Wealth Management Expertise with Artificial Intelligence 

>>How Does AI Promote the Transformation of Wealth Management?

>>Intelligent Marketing and Intelligent Risk Control of Wealth Management Based on Big Data

【Who should attend】

2018 The 14th Annual Wealth Management & Private Banking Asia

【Key speakers in past events】

2018 The 14th Annual Wealth Management & Private Banking Asia

Key sponsors in past events

2018 The 14th Annual Wealth Management & Private Banking Asia

Event Organizer

2018 The 14th Annual Wealth Management & Private Banking Asia

(End)2018 The 14th Annual Wealth Management & Private Banking Asia
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer

2018 The 14th Annual Wealth Management & Private Banking Asia

Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • RegionGeneral Description of Association Private Bankers in Greater China RegionGeneral Description
  • General Description of Association of Family Offices in Asia
  • GUI Zefa vice president Private Banking Center of Bank of Communications
  • Kang Chaofeng Managing Director PingAn Trust
  • Xiao Shang Senior Vice President CreditEase Wealth Management
  • Jacky TANG Head of the Portfolio Management Group PMG
  • Jiaqi LI Executive Director China International Capital Corporation Limited
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