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Pharma & Health Care
档案编号: Sep.20th-21th
施工进度: Shanghai China
Bio Partnering APAC 2018TIME: Sep.20th-21th , 2018ADRESS : Shanghai ChinaBio Partnering APAC 2018 is the most powerful way to make big deals in bio pharma industry in Asia Pacific Region. Against the background of increasing government policy support, exciting biotechnology breakthroughs and growing venture capital investment, themed on “Open Innovation, Strategic Cooperation”, Bio Partnering APAC 2018 will continuously provide you with the latest knowledge, tools and expertise to set your own global business strategy.
档案编号: June.12th-13th, 2018
施工进度: Shanghai · China
Asian Pharma IT Summit 2018Time:June.12th-13th, 2018Adress:Shanghai · ChinaThe Asian Pharma IT Summit 2018 is a premium strategic platform for large pharma, biotech, leading research institutes and technology pioneers to explore the real world value and application of the most cutting-edge technology along the R&D pipeline.
档案编号: 20th-21st,Sep.
施工进度: Shanghai•China
Bio Partnering APAC 2017 20th-21st,Sep.Shanghai•ChinaAddress: 3 floor conference banquet hall, Hongkou three to Sheraton Hotel, ShanghaiThe luncheon address: 3 floor grand ballroom, Hongkou three to Sheraton Hotel, ShanghaiHongkou three to Sheraton HotelAddress: 59 Siping Road, ShanghaiHongkou District: +86 2126010088
档案编号: June 6th-7th, 2017
施工进度: Shanghai · China
With the faster pace of globalization, pharmaceutical industry becomes saturated and more competitively with the slower increase of sales, many pharmaceutical enterprises hardly improve competitiveness by only investment in R&D.Meanwhile, the adjustment of governmental policies such as two-invoice system, cancellation of the approval of 3PLs and building the platform of drug traceability have a great influence on drug circulation. In addition, the change of market needs as well as development of internet and big data also brings opportunities and changes to the pharmaceutical industry. Influenced by the revolution of pharmaceutical circulation system of China, some third party logistics and foreign pharmaceutical commercial companies planned to enter China market.
档案编号: Jan.24th-25th,2018
施工进度: Beijing · China
The 8th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2018Time: Jan.24th-25th,2018Adress:Grand Mercure Beijing Dongcheng(NO.101,Jiaodaokou East Street Dongcheng District, Beijing
档案编号: 20th-21 th,Sep.
施工进度: Shanghia·China
2016亚太生物医药合作峰会 时间 : 9月20日—21日地点 : 中国·上海 2016亚太生物医药合作峰会是亚太地区生物医药领域最高端的以“合作”为主题的会议之一。大会将邀请来自国内外大药厂、生物技术公司、投资者以及产业链上的其它重要参与者就医药研发领域共同探讨、交流并建立合作。来自产业的高层将从大药厂的战略,新型研发模式到联盟合作管理,投资并购交易的谈判、运作,以及最新的研发进展及合作项目等方面进行交流及分享。除此之外,参与者还可通过会议定制的1对1约见系统获取大大的参会价值。本次大会不仅会给您带来为数众多的人脉关系,同时也将为贵司找到更多新的合作项目,在激烈的医药市场保持竞争力。
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