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International Summit
档案编号: September 1-2,2023
施工进度: Xi'an,China
The 12th CHINA “FOUR-TYPE” AIRPORT DEVELOPMENT FORUMTime:September 1-2,2023Address:Xi'an · ChinaTheme:New Digital Technology Leads the Way to Accelerate the Realisation of Safe, Green, Humanistic and Smart AirportsAccording to the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)'s 'Action Outline for the Con-struction of Four-Type of Airports in China (2020-2035)' and the relevant requirements of the 'Guidelines for the Construction of Four-Type of Airports', building a safe airport to strictly guard the safety lifeline; building a green airport to achieve sustainable development; building a smart airport to promote transformation and upgrading; building a humanistic airport to achieve harmonious development; and accelerating the promotion of the goals of saf...
档案编号: August 23rd-24th,2023
施工进度: Shanghai China
2023 4th Financial Service Innovation & Customer Experience Summit Time: August 23rd-24th, 2023 Address: Shanghai, ChinaTheme: Digital and Intelligence Penetrating Experience, Technology Enabling GrowthIn order to further promote the financial industry to improve the customer-centric digital customer management capability and build the digital-led new driving force of customer experience, the Fourth Financial Service Innovation and Customer Experience Summit will be held in Shanghai from August 23 to 24, 2023. More than 260 financial institutions and industry elites will gather to discuss the new chapter of financial industry customer experience empowered by fintech. We sincerely invite you to come to this forum and look forward to the broad future of customer experience...
档案编号: May 18-19th, 2023
施工进度: Qingdao, CHINA
档案编号: August 10th&11th, 2023
施工进度: Shanghai, China
2023 The 6th China Retail Consumer Experience SummitTime:August 10th&11th, 2023Address:Shanghai · ChinaTheme:Shaping the Ultimate Experience,Restarting Brand GrowthThe summit will consist of Speech,Exhibition and Awards Ceremony. Wth the theme 'Shaping Ultimate Experience and Restarting Brand Growth' , the summit will focus on the digital trends of consumer experi-ence, including data intelligence, extreme eficiency, technological experience, and scenario innovation, in the pre, middle, and post stages of the retail customer experience journey. Topics will include multi-channel user experience, full journey touchpoint upgrade, digital marketing, instant retail, and smart store operation and management. Through sharing industry insights, exchanging innovative experiences, a...
档案编号: April 27th-28th,2023
施工进度: Shanghai,China
2023 THE 11th INSURANCE CHINA INDUSTRY INTERNATIONAL SUMMITApril 27th-28th,2023Shanghai, ChinaPersisting in Long-Termism and Promoting the Real EconomyThe 11th lnsurance China lndustry lnternational Summit 2023, focusing on the theme of' Persistingin long-termism and promoting the real economy', in collaboration with insurance industry requlators, associations andsocieties, insurance companies, reinsurance companies,intermediaries and technology companies, aims to explore thedevelopment trend of the insurance industry, identify the sore points and obstacles of business management, acquire thepractical experience and patterns from the leading companies, further, jointly pushing the insurance industry to supportnational development stratecies, contribute to innovation in social gover...
档案编号: December 15th-16th , 2022
施工进度: Guangzhou, China
档案编号: March 2nd-3rd, 2023, Thu.-Fri
施工进度: Shanghai,China
THE 17th SHANGHAI RETAIL INDUSTRY CONGRESS &  CHINA RETAIL INNOVATION SUMMITMarch 2nd-3rd, 2023Shanghai, ChinaFocus On Innovation and Breakthrough, Inter-growth and Co-prosperity, Embrace the New Spring of Retail Industry'The 17th Shanghai retail congress and the Chinese retail innovation summit' will be in the form of 1 + 2, ecological innovation is divided into retail and whole digital link two BBS, around digital transformation and upgrading, supply chain flexibility and stability, the whole modern digital marketing field, the innovation of the formats, new consumer goods broken and risk control ESG six topics. It will bring together more than 600 people from government agencies, retailers, e-commerce platforms, brands, enterprise digital transformation and operation ma...
档案编号: December 15th-16th,2022
施工进度: Shanghai, China
The 8th China Health Insurance Forum 2022December 15th-16th,2022Shanghai, ChinaCustomer Value First, Technology Escort and GuaranteeIn an industry structure with serious homogeneity of health insurance products, shrinking profit margins, and insufficient risk control capabilities, optimizing products and services, improving risk control capabilities, and reducing costsand expenses are the keys to the development and operation of health insurance by insurance companies. In the health industry chain, the combination of insurance products and health management services to meet the comprehensive medical and health needs of customers has become an inevitable path.Based on this, the The 8th China Health Insurance Forum 2022 will be held in Shanghai from December 15th to 16th with the theme of &#...
档案编号: Jul. 6th-7th,2023
施工进度: Shanghai, China
2023 The 4th Future Transaction Banking International SummitJul. 6th-7th, 2023Shanghai, ChinaInnovation in the Digital EcosystemWith the theme of“Innovation in Digital Ecology', 2023 Future Transaction Bank analyzed the development trend of the industry with a forward-looking perspective and discussed with senior experts in the industry on the development trend of transaction banking, digital transformation, supply chain finance innovation, ecosphere integration development and risk control management mode.
档案编号: March 23th-24th, 2023
施工进度: Hangzhou,China
The 7th Bio Partering APAC 2023Time:March 23th-24th, 20232Address:Hangzhou · ChinaTheme:Adhere to the Path of Innovation,Set the Sail for GlobalizationBio Partnering APAC Summit is scheduled to be held again in Hangzhou on March 23-24, 2023, with the theme of ' Adhere to the Path of Innovation,Set the Sail for Globalization '. The conference will again bring together many pharmaceutical leaders and industry colleagues to gather in Hangzhou to actively seek more new opportunities for coopera.
档案编号: December 15th-16th, 2021
施工进度: Shanghai, China
2021 Retail Banking Leaders Forum is gathering outstanding industry experts, innovative professionals and decision makers. We believe ‘look wide and choose wise’, then ‘stack deep and rise deep’. We sincerely hope you will be with us, on December 15th-16th , 2021 in Shanghai!
档案编号: July 13th-14th, 2023
施工进度: Shanghai,China
10th PORTECH ASIA 2023July 13th-14th, 2023Shanghai,ChinaIntegration and Innovation to Promote the Green and Intelligent Development of the Port IndustryThe 2023 (10th) Portech Asia Summit focuses on the theme of 'Integration and innovation to promote the green and intelligent development of the port industry', and the main contents of port technology innovation, smart port construction, green port construction, etc., to invite port associations and local transportation management departments leaders and experts in the fields of domestic and foreign port & terminal owners, port equipment manufacturers, and high-tech solution providers, to discuss green and intelligent port construction and innovation achievements, and how to promote the green and intelligent sustainable developm...
档案编号: April 13th-14th, 2023
施工进度: Shanghai, China
AM Tech CHINA 2023Time: April, 13th-14th, 2023 Address: Shanghai, ChinaTheme: Technology Accelerating Transformation Digital & AI Reshaping the FutureWith the propose of deepening the application of asset management technology and assisting asset management business innovation, AMTech CHINA 2023 will be held in Shanghai from April 13 to 14,2023. More than 300 financial institutions and industry elites gathered to seek a new chapter in the development of capital management technology. We sincerely invite you to attend this event and look forward to the broad future of the long-term development of the asset management technology industry.
档案编号: April 20th-21st, 2023
施工进度: Xi’an, China
2023 China Aviation Industry SummitApril 20th-21th, 2023Xi‘an, ChinaBuilding the New Heights in the Aviation Industry, Seizing the New Opportunities in the Industrial EconomyThe 'China Aviation Industry Summit' has been successfully held for eleven sessions in Shanghai, Tianjin, and Xi'an. In the new context, to further promote the efficient and green development of the aviation industry and jointly promote the strategic planning of the aviation industry, the 12th China Aviation Industry Summit will be held in Xi'an, Shanxi Province, from 20 to 21 April 2023. Nearly 300 executives, experts, and scholars from aircraft designing, manufacturing, assembling, testing, operation, and maintenance companies, as well as research institutes from all over the world, will gather in Xi&...
档案编号: April 15th-16th, 2023
施工进度: China,Shanghai
2023 6th Shanghai Artificial Intelligence ConferenceApril 15th-16th, 2023Shanghai, ChinaArtificial Intelligent Connecting, Future's InsightThe conference will invite artificial intelligence experts and entrepreneurs and based on 'Artificial Intelligent Connecting, Future's Insight' as the slogan. The conference will discuss the future of Intelligence technology and promote 'Science and Industry' innovation and cooperation. The conference will include the opening ceremony, main forum, theme forum and panel forum.
档案编号: March 9-10,2023
施工进度: Shanghai,China
In the context of the continuous development and maturity of information technology and fintech and the continuous growth of residents' disposable income, commercial banks are accelerating the deepening of the layout of retail business, actively adjusting their development strategies and transforming to 'big retail' and 'big wealth', aiming to seize market opportunities. With customers as the core of development, digitalization as the main line of development and compliance as the framework of development, retail banks have reshaped their business lines and strengthened their operation capabilities through technology empowerment. At the same time, the demand for wealth management market is growing day by day, and practitioners flock to the industry, and chaos occurs fro...
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