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ASEAN Payment

2018 ASEAN Payment

Date:    September 12th-13th

Venue: Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

ASEAN Region including 11 countries such as Vietnam Malaysia Indonesia. The population is about 620 million; the population take the third place around the world, account for 8.5% of the global population. However, 80% of this population do not have bank account, and only 2% of people use credit card. There is great potential for digital payment development. Considering this, ASEAN PAYMENT SUMMIT would be held on September 12-13th in Malaysia. This summit will fouces on payment situation for ASEAN market, discuss about development bottleneck&Future prospective. competition & coopertaion. We would devote it to promoting the digital payment upgrading and promote the good cooperation and the development for the different sides in ASEAN countries

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ASEAN Payment

ASEAN Payment

ASEAN PaymentASEAN Payment

ASEAN Payment
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ASEAN Payment

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