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FinTech Futures is an exciting brand launched by Informa’s Knect365, one of the world’s leading

facilitators of knowledge sharing and business connections.

The digital publishing platform is the definitive source of news and analysis for the worldwide

fintech community – everyone is welcome, from the industry veterans to those just entering the

space, and anyone in-between!

We are the go-to, trusted resource for industry buyers, sellers, developers, integrators, regulators

and other specialists across the sector, big and small.

Our reputation has been earned over the years through understanding of the industry,

investigative journalism and independence.

From January 2018, FinTech Futures incorporates global brands Banking Technology, a platform

which has been at the forefront of the print and online publishing for the international industry for

over 30 years, and Paybefore, a payments publication covering prepaid, technology, e-commerce

and loyalty programmes.

FinTech Futures provides daily stories, in-depth analysis and expert commentary across a

comprehensive range of areas: