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(End)Asia-Pacific Retail and FMCG Digital Summit 2017

Asia-Pacific Retail and FMCG Digital Summit 2017


Time: 21st-22nd, Sep, 2017

Venue: Shenzhen·China

Conference Overview

Under the new retail environment, the continuous growth of consumer demand is continuing to promote the transformation of China's retail and FMCG market. With the continuous competition of stores and ecommerce, more and more needs of improving customer experience, enhancing the sense of customer belonging and speeding up the enterprise operation efficiency. Most retailers have begun to explore the way to digital transformation. Among them, IT& Information is particularly significant, and now constantly improve the level of information technology and digital applications have become the key to develop the industry and maintain market competitiveness. Therefore, how to speed up the retail enterprise informatization construction, how build efficient information system within the enterprise operating platform, online and offline digital integration has all play an important role and strategic value of today's retail and FMCG companies.


In order to promote the Retail & FMCG development of Asia Pacific, “Asia-Pacific Retail and FMCG Digital Summit 2017” will be held in Shenzhen on 21st -22nd September, 2017. More than 350 experts from government, associations, supermarkets, retailers, brands, B2C ecommerce platform, FMCG, ecommerce solutions, technology service providers and consultants will around the “New Technology, New Retail, New Experience”, to discuss the development of digital and information construction of retail and FMCG in China, how to turn cost center into profit center, and related technologies for digital transformation strategy and so on, then to promote the depth of cooperation!


 Asia-Pacific Retail and FMCG Digital Summit 2017














(End)Asia-Pacific Retail and FMCG Digital Summit 2017
Conference Organizer / Organizer

 Organized By


China Information Industry Trade Association

CIITA(China Information Industry Trade Association) is a national non-profit organization, associated with the information industry enterprises of China. Founded in May 1990, with a national organization legal qualification. Abide by the China Constitution and laws and regulations. Abide by the social morality .We preserve the legitimate rights and interests of our members and promote our members business with the tenet of Serve and Cooperation. We try hard to develop the information resources and expand the information market ,as well as to make progress in IT. Our aim is to advance the Chinese Informatization Construction and develop the Electronic information.



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China Information Industry Trade Association IT Channel Committee

In order to strengthen the management and service of the of IT products circulation channel, CIITA was established ITCC in August 2003, to advocate the concept of health and integrity, Promote the communication between IT enterprises and government departments and industry departments, maintain the implementation of national policies, laws and regulations; To promote communication among people in the industry; Establish industry standards and regulate industry behavior, strengthen the industry self-discipline; Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members, and become the bridge and link for communication among the industry.



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 Asia-Pacific Retail and FMCG Digital Summit 2017

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