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Savvy Investor is the world’s best knowledge network for institutional investors.


The site’s dedicated research team curates and publishes the best investment white papers, bringing them together in to one place, for your ease of use.

Savvy Investor is made up of fifty topics, including an Asian Pension Funds section, as well as powerful search functionality.


Having launched in 2015, Savvy Investor has already grown to have over 27,000 members, with 200 more joining each week. All members are verified as Institutional Investors and Service Providers, with most of the membership comprising asset owners, asset managers and investment consultants.


Our engagement levels relate directly to the personalised experience our members receive. Every month, over 18,000 white papers are downloaded from Savvy Investor – far more than any other comparable platform. In addition, there’s a curated investment conferences directory, with useful search filters.


Registration is totally free; when you join, you will select the investment topics that you wish to follow. These preferences are then used to personalize your weekly newsletter, as well as your home page.


Sign up for free today at www.savvyinvestor.net