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Bahn innovation track traffic technology co., LTD., wang securities co., LTD., wang subway resources trading center co., LTD successful acquisition of high speed railway and rail transit &"rail transit today" magazine, and a full range of services to businesses. In future development plan, the wang family innovation will use"a association, a study three research" policy, the creation of the Chinese society of rail transit (hereinafter referred to as: learn to) track traffic science and technology industrial park, wang innovation and research and development of new products. Magazines, websites, conference, exhibition, corporate video production, structures, and other professional services in high-speed rail, rail transportation, trams, intercity, cargo and machinery, automobile, electronics, electric power, coal, water conservancy, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, non-ferrous, environmental protection, transportation, civil aviation, building materials, such as trade, government procurement market, with international companies and related vendor products shops and bidding, industry information industry as the main content, membership management, using the "one to one" information commissioner service large service organizations. Wang family innovation track traffic technology co., LTD., relying on strong professional background support, strong research and development of Internet technology and management team, rapid growth in the industry for China's largest and most authoritative network media.