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Chinese Journal of Biologicals, hereinafter referred to as Journal, is under the leadership of Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China and sponsored by China Preventive Medicine Association. It mainly reports information of China biologicals, important R&D achievements and latest progresses of biologicals,as well as the status of worldwide biological and biotechnology products. The main readers of it are production, research and management personnel who come from biological and biotechnology products enterprises, clinician, and government officials who take charge of verification, disease surveillance and control.

Biologicals, which are used for the prevention, treatment and diagnose of human disease, are produced of microorganism, cell and animal or human tissue and body fluid by using traditional or modern biological techniques. The Journal mainly publishes academic articles relate to preparation techniques and application effect of biologicals, in which include upstream and downstream technology, verification, and preclinical study, etc. It supplies forefront information to production and scientific research personnel in biological field, and provides references to production and scientific research works. The Journal has significant difference from China Biological Engineering and Letters in Biotechnology which mainly reports basic research matters.

1988 is the inaugural year of the Journal. As a carrier for academic exchange, it has faithfully and objectively reported 20 years’ development history of China biological course and has a widespread impact on the biological and biotechnology field. Readers and authors of the Journal are home and abroad and increasing year by year. Worldwide biological workers may have a thoroughly understanding of the development history and current situation of China biologicals and may undertake academic exchange and cooperation with Chinese biological production and scientific research persons by it, thereby to stimulate the development of world biological course.

In recent years, the Journal was included by many international retrieval systems, in which include Chemical Abstracts (CA), Biological Abstract (BA), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), BIOSIS Previews (BP), Ulrich's Periodicals Directory, Abstract Journal (AJ), Excerpta Medica (EM), Scopus, Index Copernicus (IC), and international center for agricultural and biological sciences research (CABI), etc.