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FX168 Finance Group is a well-known supplier, with Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Macao and Hongkong in Greater China as the operation base, providing such comprehensive services as 24-hour professional global finance, financial data, investment and education training. Our business involves 35 main investment markets in the world, covering thousands of institutions as partners and our services are available to 200 million investors in China and over 50 million Chinese all over the world. The three major business groups of FX168 Finance News Agency, FX168 Finance College and FX168 Finance Institute and seven operation centers were set up under the group, which have stayed ahead for a long time to provide the following services: global finance media service, professional research report and supporting system service based on financial industry and market data, market monitoring and industry intelligence service, systematic investor education and training service applying O2O idea. In 2014 we started to operate “TradeKing”, a large internet traders community with highly innovative characteristics. We FX168 has enjoyed a high prestige in the industry as a high quality supplier image with professional value over the years.