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Use, a leading provider of information and data on trust and asset management industry in china, was founded in August 2003. It provides high standard valuable services to relevant sectors and HNWIs (High net worth people) by integrating information, expertise, opinions and online to offline ( O2O ) in one service system.'YongYi' is taken from the English word 'use', which is pronounced as 'You Si' in Chinese means to utilize and take advantage of something. It originated from a kind of land use pattern appearing in The United Kingdom after the 13th century. According to the 'usufruct system', the landowner transfers the land to another person, but the proceeds of the land belong to the third party. The system of usufruct is considered to be the prototype of the modern trust system. With this name, Usetrustor hopes to provide the society with trust advice and financial services with their professionalism and sincerity so that everyone will understand the trust and know how to use the trust in wealth management and benefit from it.