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Qianzhanwww.qianzhan.com is managing and running by Shenzhen Forward Information Ltd., and it is a rapid rise tech research new media service platform which mainly focuses on the new trends and modes of the Internet technology, along with some research and analysis of classic cases within this area. Adhering to the concept of ‘Find the Trend, See the Future’,Qianzhanwww.qianzhan.com consistently insist on the manner that we analyze those important technology events and top enterprises with the proactive vision. Meanwhile, we provides high-ends, multiple and practical Internet tech information and original opinions for costumers at home and abroad.

Qianzhanwww.qianzhan.com owns complete channels for gaining commercial intelligence which means holding the developments of the major industries and enterprises in real time. And then, supporting by the analysis and integration of hundreds of the professionals, we can offer the public who care about China’s economic fate especially in Internet with technical, authoritative and proactive information, so that they may grasp the developing trends of economic society, avoid risks and discover new wealth fortunes.