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China e-bank website(http://www.cebnet.com.cn/on PC, m.cebnet.com.cn for mobile device) is founded by CFCA(China Financial Certification Authority), and cooperated with nearly 100 commercial banks, which is considered as one of the most authoritative and professional business information platform in the field of electronic banking vertical portals. The website consists of FINTECH, SPECIAL COLUMN, BANKING NEWS, INFORMATION SECURITY, and BANK BANG as a series of channels, and includes policy interpretation, experts' viewpoints, hot comments and updated information. China e-bank website was launched officially on 15th June, 2011 and it has been concentrating on e-banking, ITFIN, Fintech and research frontiers, and it offers a specialized information service for financial industry especially banks. China e-bank builds a new financial media which combines updated information with integrated service.