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CRRC e-commerce(Zhejiang) Technology Co. Ltd. It is a comprehensive electronic commerce company that engages in e-commerce, software development as well as the IT technical plan design and operation ,which is located in, Electronic mechanical Ribbon, Shangyuan road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou.
Our company has set up a B2B e-commerce platform ,called ‘ECRRS’, is specialized in parts of rail transit in China online trading and supply chain finance business . It supplies railway transportation vehicles ,including subways, high-speed rails, trams and central parts. What’s more. It devotes to provide with leading rail online trading ,warehousing and logistics, technical services, supply chain finance in China and overseas, by gathering upstream and downstream companies of national rail transport industry ,integrating domestic and international suppliers and buyers of commercial information resources.

Website: www.ecrrc.com