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Urban Mass Transit is an academic magazine under the Ministry of Education, sponsored by Tongji University and assisted by Shanghai Transportation & Harbor Management Bureau, Shanghai Railways Administration, Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Metro Corporation, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd., Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd., The 3rd Railway Survey & Design lnstitute, China Railway No.3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Metro No.3 Line lnvestment Co., Ltd., Shanghai University of Engineening Science, China Railway Siyuan Survey And Design Group Co., Ltd.. Urban Mass Transit started publication in 1998, as a quarterly publication, and in 2003, it became a bimonthly publication and then in 2006 January, a monthly publication, Since 2000, it has become a statistical resource for professional articles in urban rail transit field, and has been authorized by the Ministry of Science & Technology as a key periodical of science & technology in China. It is the first Chinese publication of science and technology in the field of URT, possessing excellent quality and obtaining extensive praises with one accord. This journal aims at propagandizing the policy of urban rail transportation in China, exchanging academic trends, transmitting scientific and technical information and providing marketing service. Urban Mass Transit is geared to the needs of urban transportation planning, investment, design & survey, project construction, power supply & drive, vehicles, automatic control, operational management, as well as the needs of the related governments, enterprises, research institutes and universities.Urban Mass Transit has main columns as following: Special Commentary, Free Forum, Academic Theses, Research Report, Construction Technology, Technical Information and President Blog, etc. Our goal is to offer the readers a timely, better and profitable service for the more rapid, healthier and better development of urban rail transportation in China.