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Research Center Intern

工作地点: Shanghai
发布日期: 2019-03-29

Job Responsibilities

1.      Collect and organize news, information, and data of a certain industry

2.      Conduct expert interviews under supervision

3.      Review and update the content of the Leadernetworks.com; coordinate with related departments and follow up the web content production progress

4.      Assist with the research supervisor or independently conduct survey distribution and collection

5.      Responsible for data and information process and analysis


Basic Requirements:

1.      Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing or Business Administration preferred

2.      Strong logical thinking, with the ability of data analysis and interpretation

3.      Excellent communication skills in verbal and written English and Chinese

4.      Integrity, detail-oriented and responsible

5.      Be familiar with Office software

6.      With the willingness and capability to learn and good team work spirit

7.      Comply with company rules and regulations

8.      At least 4 days per week


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