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(End)The 6th China Aviation Industry Summit


The 6th China Aviation Industry Summit


Time:1st-2nd ,Dec.



6th China Aviation Industry Summit 2016 will be organized by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics, COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Chinese Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute from 1st-2nd,December 2016 in Shanghai. The theme of this year is Cooperation Lead to Common Prosperity and Innovation Drive Development.


Conference Overview

Industry Overview
According to prediction of Aviation Industry Corporation of China, in the next 20 years, China will have an increase of 4583 civilian airliners, including 3682 jumbo jets and 901 regional aircrafts. Chinese commercial aviation aircraft market will undoubtedly grow rapidly. To the year 2030, China's share of the global aircraft fleet will increase from 9% to 15%. In addition, the business jet market has a huge growing room in the global industry, the deliveries will reach 10,000 units in the next 10 years, and the Chinese market deliveries will reach 2360 in the next 20 years. China's aviation market, either now or in the future is enormous.

According to the "high-end equipment manufacturing industry12th Five-Year development plan", it is required that to 2015, in the area of aviation equipment, large to finish first flight of passenger aircraft, to achieve sales of 100 Regional jet aircraft, to build capacity for sustainable development of the aviation industry. The reason for making the above requirements is that the demand for aircraft has made sharp contrast to the weak aircraft industry over the years. Under this background, China Aviation Industry Summit 2016 will be organized by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics on 1st-2nd,December, 2016 in Shanghai!


Key Issues 2015
How to Develop Green Aviation Industry,Improve Fuel Efficiency and Energy saving
Future Aero-engine Development and Aircraft Composite Material Innovation
The Application of New Avionics Technology In Aircraft Market
The Key Manufacturing Technology of Advanced Composite Components
New round of consolidation for aircraft parts and equipment manufactures
The Latest Developments of China-made ??Large Aircraft Project
The Latest Development of Large Aircraft Engine Project
The Design and Manufacture of Civil Aircraft Under a Digital Environment
The Current Situation, Opportunities and Challenges
General Aviation and Regional Aviation
The Business Jet Financing Leasing model

If you want to have more information, please kindly check the report of COMAC.


Event Organizer

1.Shanghai Society of Aeronautics

Shanghai Society of Aeronautics (SSA) was founded in 27th Jan 1988; it is a legally registered academic under the guidance of Shanghai Association for Science & Technology and Chinese Society of Aeronautics. The objectives of SSA is to Prosperity and development of China aviation industry、to promote the nurturance of talents in this field and the integration of aeronautic and astronautic science and technology with economy, to make contribution on popularization of aeronautical Science and technology. Mr. Jiang Zemin, the former president of China and Mr.Wang Daohan, the former Shanghai municipal party committee secretary wrote inscriptions for SAA respectively as "Spread Its Wings to Fly" and "Eagles Cleaved the Sky" for celebrate the establishment of SSA. SSA’s membership includes over 40 groups and 900 members, mostly are senior scientists and engineers in the field of aeronautics and astronautics.



Aviation Industry Corporation of China Shanghai Aero Measurement & Control Technology Research Institute (AVIC SAMRI) was founded in 1962, belongs to Aviation Industry Corporation of China Basic technology research institute. AVIC SAMRI is mainly engaged in aircraft fault diagnosis and prediction and health management technology research and application, testing and security equipment development, production and technical services. The main technology includes fault diagnosis and prediction technology, health management technology, data acquisition and processing technology, security and comprehensive security technology, sensor technology, integrated testing technology, testing (verification) technology, research and application of maintenance technology, equipped with light, machine, electric manufacturing centers. AVIC SAMRI owns quality management system certification for GB/T19001-2000, weapons and equipment research and production license, equipment contractor qualification. It is high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, Civil aircraft repair Engineering Research Center for collaborative unit for COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co. Ltd., equipment fault diagnosis technology development center based unit of China Association of equipment management.


3.Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, Shanghai Aviation Industrial Company or Shanghai Aircraft Company is a Shanghaibased aerospace company with business in:aircraft manufacturing &parts and components subcontractor &repair and overhaul &non-aerospace products: aerial ladders, hovercrafts, glass wall manufacturing, Swerve rack for magnetic aerotrain.


4.Chinese Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institue

Chinese Aeronautical Radio Electronics Research Institute was established in 1957, affiliated to China Aviation Industry Corporation 1. It is mainly engaged in the research and system products development of three major technological fields, namely aviation electronics overall design and comprehensive and core treatment of aviation electronics and comprehensive application of information, wireless information transmission and navigation and positioning. It is a hi-tech research institute integrating scientific research, production and services.


5.Shanghai Aircraft Design and Reseach Institute

The Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute (SADRI), previously known as Shanghai Aircraft Research Institute (SARI), is a Chineses design institute, part of the ACAC consortium. Founded in the 1970s as First Aircraft Design Institute Shanghai Branch it became a part of ACAC in 2002 and was renamed Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute in 2009.The design institute's head office is located at 5 Yunjin Road next to Longhua Airport in the Xuhui District of Shanghai.

(End)The 6th China Aviation Industry Summit
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer
Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • Shine Consultant
  • Ye Yigan Former President China Eastern Airlines
  • Yan Mingchi Vice President of Policy Civil Aviation Administration of China
  • Fred Cromer President Bombardier Commercial Aircraft Corp
  • Wang Wenbing Director-General Shanghai Society of Aeronautics
  • Michael Hetzenecker Chief Information Officer Airbus India
  • Chen Yingchun Vice Designer of C919 Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China
  • Kati Ihamaki Global Vice President Finland Airline
  • David Bulman Chief Information Officer Virgin Atlantic
  • Tian Min Chief Finance Officer Comermercial Aircraft Corporation of China
  • Darren Hulst Marketing Director Greater China and North Asia Boeing Company
  • Sway Chang Chairman AIR Asia
  • Yuri B. Slyusar President OAK

(End)The 6th China Aviation Industry Summit


  • ViaSat
  • FeiTian
  • Satcom1
  • Clyde & Co
  • Air New Zealand
  • Onair
  • AIA Asia
  • Engine Alliance
  • Bombrdier
  • ARINC Aerospace
  • Aviage System
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