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China Retail & Consumer Goods Smart Supply Chain Summit

Time: May. 30th-31st, 2019

Address : Shanghai · China

With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the sales scale of the retail market is also increasing year by year, and continues to show a good growth trend. In 2018 Nov 11 Singles Day Sales Festival, Chinese e-commerce platforms’ sales and orders figure reach new highs. The GMV of Tmall’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival surpassed RMB 213.5 billion, up 27% in 2017. Besides, the number of delivery orders settled 1.04 billion for the annual festival, marking the smart logistics network entry into the era of 1 billion packages.

Nowadays, efficient supply chain system and smart logistics system are the key factors for retail business success and enhancing the consumer experience. It is also an important prove of enterprises’ competitive advantage, the sustained profit earnings and also the guarantee for their long-term development. In this case, creating a highly efficient and completely coordinated supply chain and logistics information system, coordinating the optimization of online and offline integration, and developing an effective synergy system between supply chain and logistics information is significant and valuable to the e-commerce platforms and other retailers.

China Retail Supply and Logistics Summit 2019 will be held on June 13th -14th, 2019 in Shanghai China. More than 350 industry giants from supermarkets, retailers, brands, B2B e-commerce platforms, logistics companies, supply chain solution providers, logistics technology service providers, consulting agencies, associations and experts and scholars, etc. will participate and discuss around this year’s theme -  “Upgrading • Reforming • Innovation”.

Conference Overview


China Retail & Consumer Goods Smart Supply Chain Summit

【Key Issues】

》Current situation and future challenges faced by supply chain and logistics in new retail

》Essence of Internet: build the intelligent supply chain - quality and management

》How to improve the efficiency of intelligent supply chain - scene/marketing/supply chain/logistics

》Smart Logistics - Creating a collaborative platform for the supply chain

》From block chain to AI, how can intelligent supply chain develop under the background of “Industry 4.0”

》Smart logistics center optimize the logistic plan and implement the order effectively in the omni-channel era

》Intelligent storage system applying: intelligent storage, goods automatic pick up system

》Data empowerment: data-driven supply chain and logistics system upgrade

》Advanced technologies applying and implementation such as big data

  and cloud computing in retail brand logistics and supply chain

》How could AI empower the intelligent development of supply chain

》How to support the excellent operation of the whole value chain in the digital supply chain era

》New model of intelligent supply chain: how to cover the whole product line of order, warehousing, transportation 

   and optimization

Key Delegates in past events

China Retail & Consumer Goods Smart Supply Chain Summit

【Awarding Ceremeny】

China Retail & Consumer Goods Smart Supply Chain Summit

Event Organizer

China Retail & Consumer Goods Smart Supply Chain Summit

China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing - The Specialized Committee for Purchasing and Supply Chain Management is incorporated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The committee undertakes major issues in the supply chain of the central government and all other levels, participates in the formulation and improvement of international procurement and supply chain related policies, researches and promotes China's procurement and supply chain standards, disseminates and promotes the procurement and supply chain frontier management concepts and advanced experience, and builds the bridge between enterprises and government, domestic and international related enterprises, and promotes the healthy development of China's procurement and supply chain. At the same time, the committee forms the most competitive team of experts in the field of procurement and supply chain management in China. This team composes a large number of well-known professionals, scholars and business enterpriser from well-known enterprises, associations and government institutions around the world.

China Retail & Consumer Goods Smart Supply Chain Summit
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