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(End)The 10th City-Rail Summit


The 10th City-Rail Summit


Time: Nov 16th-17th

Location: Shanghai · China


The 10th City-Rail Summit, held by Shanghai Muncipal Traffic Association, will enter its 10th year of this industry pageant since year 2007. China is absolutely become the fastest-growing and largest-scale rail market,especially for urban rail transit industry in the world, which owns the length of 500 kilograms and the whole investment has reached to 280000 million to 290000 million. We do believe that accelerating the urban rail transit projects are not only to optimize the current structure of transport systmes so as to provide the better transport services for our citizens,but also to strongly stimulate the domestic demand in order to sustain the stable growth of national GDP in China.Now, 2016 will be the 10th year for our event, industry larggest rail event. We aim to build it as the best, the strongest and the most effective platform where industry executives and our industry elites are able to communicate and exchange the industry information, by this way so as to jointly enhance the development of urban rail transit industry together.We send our sincere invitation to invite you to come and we do hope that all our guests can have a wonderful experience of the City-Rail Summit and a great time in Shanghai.   


Conference Overview

As the theme “Boosting Domestic Demand to Sustain the Economic Growth and Strengthen the Cooperation with Overseas Market” continues to exert its influence in China, the development of China’s urban rail transit is now entering into an unprecedented stage of the development this year. After the 9 years of successful experience, The 10th City-Rail Summit has enjoyed a great reputation in the rail industry and also is named as “Spring Gala for Metro People”.

As far as August, 2011, 50 subway lines have already been construction, which covered 1568km. So far, there are 96 urban rail transit project in 29 cities have been approved to construct, which will cover around 2200km. Till 2020, the total running mileage will be expanded to 7395km, the 4.3 times of current mileage, and the financial investment will be around 3 trillion. By the end of 2050, 289 metro lines covering 11700 km will be expanded. The year 2015 marks a boiling point in the development of Chinese rail industry definitely.

The purpose of this letter is to cordially invite you, on behalf of Shanghai Municipal Transport Commission to attend the 10th City-Rail 2016 in rail transit industry. The 10th City Rail 2016 will take place from 16th to 17th of November 2016 in Shanghai. This event has the full support from Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority, Shanghai Urban Construction & Communications Commission, Shanghai Shentong Metro Corporation Limited and Shanghai Tunnel Engineering & Rail Transit Design and Research Institute.

Meanwhile, with the rapid and booming development of South-east Asia Urban Rail market, it has a very strong and tense demand for the Chinese enterprises, either. This time, we will specially set the seminar of South-east Asia Urban Rail Communication to further strengthen the cooperation with China. We gather together to think about the future development of that region.

We warmly welcome your participation and hope that we can enjoy this industry gala together!


Event Organizer

Shanghai Municipal Transport Commission is the Government Association which is responsible for the designing and law-making of the local policies and other decisions.
1. Implementing laws, regulations, policies and measures concerning domestic and foreign trade and international economic cooperation; drafting local laws, regulations, and policies together with related government departments on the city’s economy and trade and its investment introduction in commerce and trade.
2. Formulating development strategy and implementing plans of Shanghai’s domestic trade, foreign trade, and international economic cooperation according to the general plan of the city’s socio-economic development.
3. Responsible for pushing forward the restructuring of distribution industry by supervising the reform of distribution companies and the development of community commerce; responsible for the administration of the service sectors in commerce and trade by proposing suggestions to promote the development of SMEs in commerce and trade; promoting the standardization of distribution industry and the development of modern distribution formats like chain operation and commercial franchising; responsible for drafting and enabling policies, measures, standards and principles of E-commerce, organizing related supervision and promoting the development of modern logistics.
4. Supervising and coordinating the plan for wholesale market; coordinating urban and rural commercial network; promoting the development of the rural market system; organizing and implementing modern distribution network in rural areas.
5. Leading the drafting of policies and measures on regulating the market; organizing the supervision of commodity market; regulating distribution order and implementing responsibilities of law enforcement in commerce and trade; launching initiatives to crack down IPR violations and business frauds in commercial areas; responsible for the commercial and trade operation of the city by monitoring and analyzing macro operation of the commerce and trade as well as handling emergencies and serious problems in trade and commerce.

(End)The 10th City-Rail Summit
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer
Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • 上海地铁
  • 上海市交通委员会
  • 上海市隧道工程轨道交通设计研究院
  • VERNON EVERITT Managing Director Transport for London
  • GU Weihua President Shanghai Shentong Metro Group
  • Akinori Morimoto Professor Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,...
  • Joao Rebelo President for Light Rail Committee/Director-Genera Porto Metro
  • Yannis A. Mylopoulos Board Chairman Athens ATTIKO Metro
  • LIU Kading Chief Planning Officer Shenzhen Metro Group
  • ZHOU Guofu Executive Deputy Secretary-General Rail Transit Experts Committee, SMTA
  • JOHN Song Head of Logistics and Transportation Sector Deloitte
  • ZHU Weibin Vice President Guangzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd
  • CHANG, Shiang-Yin President Metro Consulting Service Ltd. Co. Invested by Metr...

(End)The 10th City-Rail Summit


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