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(End)The 7th Airport Construction summit

The 7th Airport Construction summit

Time:May 11th-12th 2017


Under this background, The 7th Airport Construction summit will pay the most attention and invite the new and old industry friends together to push the development of the Airport and Aerotroplis. We share the latest airport construction and management and we believe that we will help your company being outstanding from the fierce competition and accelerate your business! We sincerely send this invitation letter and hope that you will come to the 6th Airport Construction Summit!

Conference Overview

Industry Focused

2017 is Challenge and also the Opportunity. On one hand, as the public infrastructure, it has a very strong stimulating effect on the local economy. On the other hand, the competition between Airports and Aerotropolis has become tenser with the development of the globalization.

The Former Event

(End)The 7th Airport Construction summit

Event Organizer

(End)The 7th Airport Construction summit

Shanghai Society of Aeronautics (SSA) was founded in 27th Jan 1988; it is a legally registered academic under the guidance of Shanghai Association for Science & Technology and Chinese Society of Aeronautics. The objectives of SSA is to Prosperity and development of China aviation industry、to promote the nurturance of talents in this field and the integration of aeronautic and astronautic science and technology with economy, to make contribution on popularization of aeronautical Science and technology. Mr. Jiang Zemin, the former president of China and Mr.Wang Daohan, the former Shanghai municipal party committee secretary wrote inscriptions for SAA respectively as "Spread Its Wings to Fly" and "Eagles Cleaved the Sky" for celebrate the establishment of SSA. SSA’s membership includes over 40 groups and 900 members, mostly are senior scientists and engineers in the field of aeronautics and astronautics.


(End)The 7th Airport Construction summit
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer
Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • ZHENG Hongfeng The founder and CEO of VariFlight Hefei Hang Lian Cultural Communications Co.,Ltd. F...
  • AHN SANG JOON VP-Commercial Bangalore International Airport Limited
  • QIU Xiaoyong Executive Chief Architect China Southwest Architectural Design and Research ...
  • PETER JAMES BUDD Chairman UKTI Airports Advisory Council
  • WANG Xiaohong Director& Doctor & Prof. Senior Engineer Shanghai Airport(Group)Authority
  • MA Huixian Deputy Secretary-General China Civil Airports Association
  • WANG Guangdi Deputy Dean/Former Vice President Shanghai Society of Aeronautics/ Shanghai Airport(...
  • WANG Wenbin Director-General Shanghai Society of Aeronautics
  • JIN Hongming Secretary-General Shanghai Society of Aeronautics

(End)The 7th Airport Construction summit

  • nora systems GmbH --Delegate Bag Sponsor
  • Shanghai dynamic advertising channels--Lanyard sponsor
  • ACCUENERGY--Exhibition Sponsor
  • Nanjing APAITEK Science & Technology Co., Ltd. --Exhibition Sponsor
  • Wuhan INS Engineering Technology Corporation--Exhibition Sponsor
  • GEZE--Exhibition Sponsor
  • Qognify solutions--Exhibition Sponsor
  • City Development Law Firm--Presentation Sponsor
  • Dutch underground aquifer energy storage (ATES)--Presentation Sponsor
  • China Obitumen Company Limited--Presentation Sponsor
  • Haier Commercial Air-Conditioning Corp--Presentation Sponsor
  • DTZ--Presentation Sponsor
  • China Aviation Planning and Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd.--Presentation Sponsor
  • HYDATA--Associate Sponsor
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    • 第七届机场建设发展国际峰会

      Day1 May 11th,2017

      >Morning 9:00-12:15

      Whether the Global Airport Format Will Reshuffle Right Now?

      >Afternoon 14:00-17:30

      Further Upgrading of Planning: Excellent: Position-fixing and Advantage

      Day2 May 12th,2017

      >Morning 9:00-12:45

      Digital and Intelligent Airport Operation---5G is Coming and What Do We Really Need

      >Afternoon 14:00-17:00

      Does the Equipment Decides the Industry Level---Together: Security & Operation

      Development of Industrial Park and General Airport in 2017-2019


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