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(End)2016 China Internet Financial Credit Reporting Forum

2016 China Internet Financial Credit Reporting Forum


Time: Dec.1st-2nd

Location: Shanghai · China


In recent years, credit reporting’s increasing demand driven by the rapid development of Internet finance. The Internet finance is the combination of 'Internet' and 'Finance' and the focal point lies in the latter. Finance’s essence is financing and lending transactions and the core is the credit risk management. However, due to traditional credit system’s the poor coverage and unsound index, credit reporting industry faces new opportunities and challenges under the rapid development of the internet finance in our country and the rapid growth of demand to credit information services from relevant industry.



Conference Overview

Recent years, credit reporting’s increasing demand driven by the rapid development of Internet finance. The Internet finance is the combination of 'Internet' and 'Finance' and the focal point lies in the latter. Finance’s essence is financing and lending transactions and the core is the credit risk management. However, due to traditional credit system’s the poor coverage and unsound index, credit reporting industry faces new opportunities and challenges under the rapid development of the internet finance in our country and the rapid growth of demand to credit information services from relevant industry.
According to industry report from Guangfa Securities in 2015, after measuring the credit reporting market scale in China and the United States, The credit market size is 67.1 billion yuan in US while The scale of the credit market in China about 85.5 billion yuan in the future.
At the present stage, China credit reporting industry demonstrates a diversified pattern that People’s Bank of China credit information system first, each credit reporting agency database supplemented. China keeps up with the development of the global credit business under the era of the Internet finance development. At present, there are People’s Banks of China credit reporting centers and more than 70 social credit reporting agencies in China. They provide real information to information users, brings convenience to the business development, improves work efficiency and promotes the benign operation of the economy and the safety operation of capital.
What is the status of credit reporting market in China? What kind of credit system will be built in the future of China? In the face of the blue ocean of credit reporting, where that Central bank system’s credit reporting company, emerging Internet financial firm and P2P company will go? How does credit reporting integrate with new finance industry deeply? How does big data appliy to personal credit registry? How to protect personal privacy?
In order to explore the above problems, Shine Consultant hosts the 2nd China Internet Finance Credit Reporting Forum 2016 to build a platform for industry chain parties. Commercial bank, P2p Company, Consumer finance company, Supply chain finance company, credit bureau, Big Data Company will be invited to talk about industry supervision, risk prevention, data credit reporting, inclusive finance and consumer finance.

Event Organizer

1.Shanghai Credit Services Trade Association
Shanghai Credit Services Trade Association, founded in June 2005, is a caste artificial person which strides industry and strides possession system and nonprofit calling nature composed by the city's credit service trade enterprises and other economic organizations voluntarily.
Association has 97 member companies and the business scope covers credit management consulting and training, credit investigation, credit evaluation, claiming back merchant account, credit guarantee, credit insurance and factoring, etc.
The association's business scope includes: Industry research planning, standard setting, academic research, information and communication, consulting services, training and staff qualification authentication.
Association communicates with all sectors of society and delivers information through internet, job briefings, etc.

2.Shine Consultant
Shine Consultant (Formerly the Shine Media) is a progressive business media, serving clients from around the world. We offer a comprehensive product mix, ranging from summits, business to business conferences, and trade shows to made-on-demand specialty seminars. By bringing business communities together, in person, in print or online, we help decision-makers to get ahead of the curve on emerging issues, make key connections, and reach out to new customers. As for financial industry, by far we have presented the following events series with influential partners: 9 of Payment China Summit, 2 of Asia Family Wealth Management,9 of Private Banking Asia, 3 of Asia Trade Finance Summit, 3 of Global Asset Management China, etc.
Website: http://www.shine-consultant.com/

(End)2016 China Internet Financial Credit Reporting Forum
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer
Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • BIIA
  • Credit of Inner Mongolia chamber of commerce
  • YAO Minghua Secretary General Shanghai Credit Services Trade Association
  • Lawrence YEE Board director Business Information Industry Association
  • Jinchang Lai IFC of World Bank Group Principal Operations Officer
  • Sylvain Bouyon Manager European Credit Research Institute
  • XIONG Xiaohong SVP Pengyuan Credit

(End)2016 China Internet Financial Credit Reporting Forum


  • JD Finance
  • TelecomCredit
  • Baidu
  • LengJing Credit
  • Suanhua Credit
  • Wenzhou UPG Credit Services Co., LTD
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