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Smart Bank Aisa Summit 2018

 The summit will be held in Shanghai on January 24th-25th, 2018, and invite China Banking Association, the China Direct Bank Alliance, the PBC Financial Research Institute, commercial banks, internet bank, private banks and urban banks, rural commercial banks, fintech institutions and solution providers to explore " fintech development and regulation innovation, artificial intelligence in the application of smart bank, the development of smart banks and obstacles, small and medium-sized commercial banks’ smart practice ". We will create a financial and technological platform for more than 200 financial elites, industry experts!


Conference Overview

Smart Bank Aisa Summit 2018

Smart Bank Aisa Summit 2018

Smart Bank Aisa Summit 2018

Smart Bank Aisa Summit 2018

Smart Bank Aisa Summit 2018

Smart Bank Aisa Summit 2018

Smart Bank Aisa Summit 2018
Conference Organizer / Organizer

Smart Bank Aisa Summit 2018

Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • JIAO Qingwang
    JIAO Qingwang Technical Department Programme Director China Financial Certification Authority
  • Winston Xue
    Winston Xue General Manager, Financial Services J.D. Power China
  • ZHENG Shijun
    ZHENG Shijun President of the Internet Financial Business Bank of Communications
  • WANG Li
    WANG Li Director of Board Strategy Committee Office BANK OF CHANGSHA
  • Haijun (Bill) Chen
    Haijun (Bill) Chen Director/Payments and Receivables Head Citi Bank
  • SHEN Junwei
    SHEN Junwei General Manager of Technology Center Shrbank
  • Michael Beam
    Michael Beam Technical Lead Factom
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    • Agenda--SBA

      Jan.24th, 2018

      Topic 1: Smart Bank’s Global Supervision Trend and Cutting-edge Development

      Stream 1: Upgrading of Smart Banks’ Infrastructure

      Stream 2: Smart Bank Risk Control and Compliance Operations




      Jan.25th, 2018

      Topic 3: Smart Bank’s Channel Construction and Scene Innovation

      Topic 4: Intelligent Bank Product Innovation and Service Improvement



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