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(End)2018 Asia Pacific Financial Leasing Innovation and Cooperation Summit

2018 Asia Pacific Financial Leasing Innovation and Cooperation Summit

Date:    September 19th-20th

Venue: Shanghai, China

As an important complement to traditional bank credit and debt financing, Asian financial leasing industry has made great progress in recent years. Market capacity, industrial economic structure, regulatory policy and technological innovation will bring historic opportunities for the financial leasing industry in the future. Accroding to these background, Asia Pacific Financial Leasing Innovation and Cooperation Summit 2018 will be held on Sep 19th-20th, in Shanghai, China. All industry elite from foreign and domestic government officers, industry associations, leadership leasing companies, Fin-Tech companies, Internet finance, IoT service provider, Crediting Companies, Rating Institutions and banks, insurance and securities etc will participate in this summit and discuss about the future of the financial leasing industry.

Conference Overview

2018 Asia Pacific Financial Leasing Innovation and Cooperation Summit

2018 Asia Pacific Financial Leasing Innovation and Cooperation Summit

2018 Asia Pacific Financial Leasing Innovation and Cooperation Summit

Event Organizer

2018 Asia Pacific Financial Leasing Innovation and Cooperation Summit

(End)2018 Asia Pacific Financial Leasing Innovation and Cooperation Summit
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer
Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • QU Yankai Former Excutive Vice President China Leasing Business Association of CAEFI
  • XU Yilan General Manager of the Department of Financial Mar Yangtze United Financial Leasing Co., Ltd.
  • SHAO Bin Vice President CITIC Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd
  • Ashley SHANG Business Director, Greater China Euromoney Institutional Investor Plc.
  • ZHU Yebin General manager of the financial risk department Century Insurance Broker Co., Ltd.
  • ZHU Shimi Director of Transaction Service Department Shanghai Financial Leasing Trade Service Center
  • XU Zheng Managing Director and Board Member Guangfa Leasing (Guangdong) Company
  • Kurt TAN Risk Advisory Partner Deloitte China
  • REN Weidong Executive President Tianjin Leasing Industry Association
  • LOU Yi Vice President CMB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd
  • LIU Yang Chief Finance Officer Chengyu Financial Leasing Company Limited
  • LIU Debin Founder and CEO Social Credits
  • LI Zeyu Director of Asset-backed Securities Department GF Securities Co., Ltd
  • HUANG Jinsong General Manager Zhejiang Souche Financial Leasing Company
  • Curtis WONG Chief Risk Officer GE Capital China
  • GU Minchao Senior Evaluation Specialist Bocommleasing Company
  • GONG Jiao General manager of Shanghai branch Tsign
  • Grace GAO Vice president Beijing Dingtai Zhiyuan Technology Co. Ltd.
  • Olivier Rambert Managing Director Societe Generale Leasing and Renting Co.,Ltd
  • Ed Washecka Founder Waypoint Leasing
  • Anika Christophe General Manager and CEO Deutsche Leasing (China)
  • KUANG Shuangli Chief Lawyer Beijing Shengda Law Firm
  • Don CHAN Managing Director Asia IAA-Advisory Associates

Asia Pacific Financial Leasing Innovation and Cooperation Summit

  • Netsol Tech
  • Century Insurance Broker
  • Social Credits
  • Fahaicc.com
  • Baofu
  • Hangzhou Tsign Information Technology
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