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Bio Partnering APAC 2021

Bio Partnering APAC Summit is a high-end strategic summit focusing on the theme of 'cooperation' in biomedicine in the Asia-Pacific region. Since its first opening in Shanghai in 2016, the BIO APAC Summits have witnessed the transformation and innovation of China's biomedical industry. The drastic historical reforms of China's drug regulatory agencies, the internationalization of biomedical companies' innovative research and development, the emergence of blockbuster cases of cross-border transaction cooperation, and the heat wave of the securities capital market swept the entire biomedical industry. A large number of elites returned to China to start businesses, innovative pharmaceutical companies are racing to go public, valuations of new drug R&D service companies continue to rise, the strategic layout of multinational pharmaceutical companies in China has changed drastically, and biopharmaceutical industrial parks have sprung up.

Conference Overview

Bio Partnering APAC 2021Bio Partnering APAC 2021Bio Partnering APAC 2021Bio Partnering APAC 2021Bio Partnering APAC 2021Bio Partnering APAC 2021Bio Partnering APAC 2021Bio Partnering APAC 2021Bio Partnering APAC 2021Bio Partnering APAC 2021

Event Organizer

Bio Partnering APAC 2021

Bio Partnering APAC 2021
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer
Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • PHOEBE YAN Partner, Litigation Department Paul Hastings
  • Sarah ZHU Of Counsel, Litigation Department Paul Hastings
  • Li CHEN CEO Hua Medicine (Shanghai) Ltd.
  • Jingwu ZANG Founder, Chairman I-Mab Biopharma
  • Lianshan ZHANG President of Global R&D Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
  • Jonathan WANG Chairman and CEO Inmagene Biopharmaceuticals
  • Aimin HUI Executive President of Fosun Pharma Fosun Pharma
  • Qijun QIAN President Shanghai Cell Therapy Group
  • Frank FAN Co-Founder & CSO Nanjing Legend Biotechnology Co.
  • Hong SHEN Head of External Innovation Roche Innovation Center Shanghai
  • Zhenping ZHU President and CSO Sunshine Guojian Pharmaceutical (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd...
  • Jonathan WANG EVP, Head of Business Development Zai Lab
  • Alex WU SVP and CCO JW Therapeutics Co., Ltd
  • Maijing LIAO Chief Commercial Officer HARBOUR BIOMED
  • Johannes Nippgen Chief Medical Officer Alphamab Oncology
  • Michael CHEN VP of business development Akeso Biopharma Inc.
  • Steve SHEN CEO Convalife (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • Dan WANG Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific Johnson & Johnson
  • Jimmy ZHANG CEO AccuGen Group
  • Hai HUANG CEO Fosun Kite Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
  • Dr Eddy WU Founder,CEO and Board Director Arctic Vision
  • Dr.Hugh M. Davis COO of Biosion; President of Biosion USA Biosion, Inc.
  • Ke WU CEO Shanghai BravoBio Co., Ltd.
  • Dr.Mark Lawrence Chiu CSO Tavotek Biotherapeutics
  • Shengfeng LI Founder and CEO Tavotek Biotherapeutics
  • Jijun YUAN CEO Shanghai Genbase Biotechnology Co. Ltd
  • Betty HUANG Head of Business Development & Licensing Bayer Healthcare
  • Lidia LI Senior Manager, Business Development & Licensing Bayer Healthcare
  • Colin LIN Head of BD Alphamab Oncology
  • Dianna QIAN Partner Pivotal bioVenture Partners China
  • Zheng YIN(Jack) Partner Trinity Innovation (Beijing) Investment Management...
  • Jiaxi XU Managing Director Industrial Securities Co. Ltd
  • Amy TANG Venture Partner Qiming Venture
  • Sarah ZHANG Vice President, Global Issuer Services Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
  • Burning Rock
  • Paul Hastings
  • PPD
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