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The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

Time:August 26th-27th, 2022

AddressShanghai · China

ThemeClinical Value Oriented to Make the Real New Drug

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders (APRL) is a high-end strategic summit in Asia focusing on drug discovery and development. The 11th APRL 2022 will once again bring together top experts in new drug R&D from global multinational pharmaceutical companies, domestic and international biotechnology companies, scientific research institutes and other institutions.APRL 2022 will focus on clinical value-oriented and patient-centered drug development and innovation,work together to improve the efficiency of clinical development, accelerate the speed of new drug development to market, actively explore differentiated R&D strategies, promote the internationalization of innovative drug development, and connect global drug R&D Leaders, work together to overcome human medical problems and unmet clinical needs!

Conference Overview

【Event Highlight】

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

Hot Topics / Agenda

>>Oriented by Clinical Value: The Science Road of China's Drug Development and Regulatory

>>Globalization of New Drug Development: The Policies and Regulatory Environment of Overseas Drug Review and Approval

>>Strategies and Key Challenges for Early Research and Development of New Drugs

>>Source Innovation: Target Development and New Compound Screening

>>Global Clinical Cooperation: The Construction and Practice of International Multi-Center Clinical Strategy

>>Key Elements and Considerations of Innovative Drug Clinical Trial Design

>>Application of Translational Medicine in the Early Research of New Drugs

>>] From Chinese New to Global New: Construction of China's Pharmaceutical Innovation Ecosystem

>>Thoughts on Regulatory Registration and Risk Management under the Simultaneous Development of Global New Drugs

>>Experience Exchange: Dilemma of Global Clinical Trials and Practice Case Sharing

>>Analysis of the Key and Difficult Points in the Development of Bispecific Antibody Drugs

>>The Next 100 Billion Market: The Development of ADC Drugs

>>Strategy and Case Analysis of Small Molecule Drug Development

>>CMC Key Strategies and Considerations in the Development of New Small Molecule Drugs

>>Race of New Crown 'Specific Drugs': Progress and Breakthroughs in Research and Development of Neutralizing Antibody Therapeutic Drugs

>>The Pattern of Antibody Research and Development : Differentiated Development and Layout of Antibody Drugs

>>Discussion on the High-Quality Transformation Strategy of Innovative Drug Commercialization    

>>Competition in the Global Arena: Differentiated Strategy and Layout of Small Molecule Drug Research and Development

>>Strategy Sharing of Cell and Gene Therapy Product Process Development

>>Development Progress of China's mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine

>>Development and Innovative Exploration of New AAV Gene Therapy

>>The New Pattern and Trend of Investment and Mergers in China's Pharmaceutical Industry

>>Investment and Financing of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies: Strategies and Considerations for Multi-Party Cooperation

>>Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies in China: Drug R&D Model and Innovation Ecosystem

>>Road to Industrialization: Analysis of Commercialization Strategy of Cell Therapy

>>Collaborative Innovation: Construction of External R&D Innovation Model and Case Sharing

Who should attend

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

Outstanding Past Speakers

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

Part of Previous Attending Companies

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

【Wonderful Moment

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

Event Organizer

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

Guidance / co-sponsor / support

The 11th Asia Pharma R&D Leaders 2022

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