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Asia Retail Innovation Summit





ollowing the huge success of 10th Shanghai Franchise Retail Industry Summit and Asia Retail Innovation Summit(ARIS2015), ARIS 2016 will be held on Nov 29-30, 2016 in Shanghai, China. ARIS2016 will converge 400 industrial giants from retailers, B2C companies, brand owners, supply chain management providers, express and logistics, marketing solution provider, retail technology/ service providers, payment solution providers, consultancy, association and so on to discuss opportunities and challenges of Asia retail industry development, and seeking cooperation potentials for industrial professionals of retail.


Conference Overview

As the target market of global retailers, emerging Asia retail market with large amount of customers, growing consumer demand and accelerating urbanization process, occupies the forefront of strategic expansion marketplace. With the huge market capacity, China is one of the most sought-after target markets. China’s retail industry has gone through a tough period in the year of 2016. Franchise retailers withstand the challenges and difficulties from many aspects and realize that retailing business has to apply consumer experience improving as a starting point, and lay emphasis on merchandise controlling, supply chain management and seamless channel jointing. Therefore, retailers’ transition from large-scale and extensive development model to beneficial and connotative development model can be truly put into effect.

Following the huge success of 10th Shanghai Franchise Retail Industry Summit and Asia Retail Innovation Summit(ARIS2015), ARIS 2016 will be held on Nov 29-30, 2016 in Shanghai, China. ARIS2016 will converge 400 industrial giants from retailers, B2C companies, brand owners, supply chain management providers, express and logistics, marketing solution provider, retail technology/ service providers, payment solution providers, consultancy, association and so on to discuss opportunities and challenges of Asia retail industry development, and seeking cooperation potentials for industrial professionals of retail.


Event Organizer

Shanghai Chain Enterprise Association

Shanghai Chain Enterprise Association is a non-profit organization directly under the management of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. It assumes the guidance, coordination, service and self-discipline of chain enterprises, playing a role as a link between the government and enterprises, and also between enterprise and enterprise.

Shanghai Chain Enterprise Association has a comprehensive information system of retail resources and an advisory team of experts with higher attainments, as well as a variety of functions of organizing international conferences of retail chain market, building platforms of commodity production and marketing, establishing information of retail operations, carrying out consulting communication of retail chain, etc.

The duties of the association cover the main retail formats, setting up four special committees of supermarkets (large-scale supermarkets), convenience stores, franchise operations and loss prevention professionals. The association accepts commissioned by the Government, jointly promoting the development of the retail industry with Shanghai retailers.


(End)Asia Retail Innovation Summit
Conference Organizer / Co-Organizer
Guidance / co-sponsor / support
  • Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce
  • National Retail Association
  • Jeroen de Groot President/Managing Director Metro/Metro Jinjiang Cash &Carry China
  • Gene DENG Vice President JD.com
  • Sijun Liu Executive Vice President/ President Da Shang Group/Tiangou.com
  • Peng Yongze Founder & CEO Wangcl Glasses
  • Xinsheng Zhang Director of Subcommittee of Economy Shanghai People’s Political Consultative Committee
  • Xingbao Wu Vice Director Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce
  • Yasuhiro SUZUKI Executive Officer and CIO Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • KUSAKA Kiyofumi President NEC Corporation of China
  • Akihiro Uchida General Manager NEC Corporation
  • Ron GOTTSCHALK 亚太及大中华区全球信息科技服务部企业架构师 IBM
  • Wayne Ju General Manager Dynatrace Greater China
  • Jason Han VP/CTO YHD.com

(End)Asia Retail Innovation Summit


  • TXT Retail (NEW)
  • Dynatrace
  • NEC
  • Lexmark
  • IBM
  • Dunnhumby
  • Orange
  • Winner
  • clustertech
  • vTradEx
  • Chenzhi Consulting
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