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2017 - 03 - 06
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Shanghai Pudong International Financial Institute is an association corporation approved and registered by the Civil Affairs Bureau of Pudong New Area. Our professional authority is Pudong Financial Services Agency. Shanghai Pudong International Financial Institute was founded in 1995,with twenty-year development,we have got the large number of well-known experts and scholars from China and other contries and nearly a thousand members.
2017 - 02 - 10
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APSCA is the only regional industry association for organisations in the secure smart card,smart devices, contactless, mobile contactless/NFC, e-Identification and M2M/IOTbusinesses in Asia, focusing on multi-sector business and government applications. TheAssociation delivers information, guidance and networking to corporations andgovernment organisations, including smart card scheme operators and suppliers,providing an unparalleled opportunity to source information and contacts, facilitatesmart card and M2M/IOT initiatives and generate increased business development.Established in 1997, APSCA over 40 members in 14 countries throughout Asia as well asin Australia and Europe. The Association has organised more than 170 events in over 17countries in Asia, South Asia, Australasia, Africa and the Middle East, focusing on thebusiness and technology for secure smart cards, smart objects and smart devices, and hasone of the largest business networks in Asia with over 15,000 smart card industryexecutives.
2017 - 01 - 16
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Entrepreneur Club of Internet Financial of China (ECIF) is internet financial sector civil self discipline youth organizations,It is also China's first Internet Financial Club.and is from banks, securities companies, media industry, investment company, P2P company, crowdfunding platform, credit rating agencies, the third party payment, universities and other units jointly set up internet financial industry self-discipline platform, and To jointly promote the healthy development of China's Internet banking industry. ECIF has more than 400 companies.