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2018 - 11 - 30
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Established in 2013 during the official visit of the French President to China, the French Healthcare Alliance brings together (with the support of the French Embassy) 135 French healthcare companies active in China (including pharmaceuticals/biotech, medical technology and e-health companies, public/private hospitals, nursing home operators, architects, collective services and training providers, research institutes, etc.).ur aims are:To offer competitive and innovative products and services meeting the requirements and needs of the Chinese market;To develop value added medical, scientific, financial and commercial partnerships with local stakeholders (Chinese authorities at the national and local level, investors, hospitals, research institutes, etc.).The Alliance is organized around 5 thematic areas:1. Hospital design & management;2. Healthy ageing & elderly care;3. Diabetes and cancers;4. Infectious diseases;5. e-health
2018 - 11 - 01
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IIS serves as the inclusive voice of the industry, providing a platform for both private and public stakeholders to promote resilience, drive innovation, and stimulate the development of markets.
2018 - 10 - 18
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China Insurance Innovation Research Institute