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    Committed to provide keynote speakers, executive learning masterclasses and boardroom advisory for global enterprises and institutions, each service provides a deeper and more interactive experience, especially for small, selected audiences and key individuals. We have the resources of the most influential business leaders and experts, who are the most outstanding representatives in their fields. Our team consists of experienced speech and event managers, and we focus on building long-term and in-depth partnerships.
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Guest Information
发布时间: 2018 - 05 - 16
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Positions: Co-founder、hold a post of Chief Product Officer
Company: CredEx Fintech
He is CredEx Fintech Co-founder,and hold a post of Chief Product OfficerHe has graduated in famous universities with MBA major, and is a lecturer with the national level in credit management.Before participating in creating CredEx Fintech, he has taken senior management posts in many listed companies, withmuch professional and practicalexperiencesuch in financial management, credit risk management, asset management etc.Mr. Bu has been served as senior management in some earlier micro finance institutes, and was responsible for system building in risk management and asset management, and also was in charge of this system running with the outstanding achievement. He has been participating in creating CredEx Fintech, and is a founding member since 2010.Mr. Bu was in charge of building the core operation department in CredEx Fintech, such as asset management, customer service, underwriting, and risk management in this 8 years, and also be assigned responsibility for some important business region in our country during this period.With more than 10 years deep ploughing in micro finance area, he has been participating in constructing the risk management system of the earlier “credit factory”. Particularly in CredEx Fintech’s transition to internet finance, Mr. Bu is leading the risk management team, investigating the application of mobile terminal financial products area which based in internet big data,andcombining the advanced decision making enginewithoriginal creating core risk management models of “intelligent anti-fraud system”, “behavior characteristic analysis system”,“multi-feature of customer segmentation”etc. , and bring in the leading technology of “face recognition”, “fingerprint device”, “machine automatic learning”, then buildingCredEx’sunique risk management system ---Skynet.Via the practical business inspectation, Skynet has been effective to intercept the internet fraud risk, and also has a good control in credit risk.
发布时间: 2018 - 05 - 16
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Positions: Deputy chairman of Kuainiu Group
Company: Kuainiu Group
Deputy chairman of Kuainiu Group; Shanghai Jiaotong University dual bachelor’s degrees; MBA of University of Hong Kong。Proficient in interbank financial services; have a unique point of view on the structure designing of financial trade; and have rich practical experience in investment, financing, financial support business, team management, etc.Former deputy general manager of Fuqi Finance; led the company to the TOP three of China’s bill market; former Shanghai region investment director of JD Capital (600053); participated in the whole investment life cycle, including investment contact, due diligence, project review, investment negotiation, post-investment management, etc.; former risk management director of the Wealth Management Department of Standard Chartered Bank (China); started career in PricewaterhouseCoopers (China).Currently responsible for the review of financial business compliance and the cooperation with financial institutions in Kuainiu Group; actively engaged in various high-end academic research in financial industry; and responsible for making financial development plans.
发布时间: 2018 - 04 - 26
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Positions: Tsign co founder and general manager of southern China
Company: Tsign
Zhang jin, Tsign co founder and general manager of southern ChinaOwing to his 10 years of electronic signature industry experience, Zhang jin has a profound understanding and keen grasp on industry dynamic and market wind of the electronic signature.During the period of 10 years, Tsign team to complete the upgrade from a dozen people to nearly three hundred people, and have the alibaba, baidu, huawei, zhejiang provincial government and so on 1 million enterprise users and 100 million individual users.In the future, he will achieve the vision of "protecting 1001,000 trees in a year for the earth" with the Tsign team to make signing more convenient and trust easier.
发布时间: 2018 - 04 - 24
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Positions: COO
Company: Ecreditpal