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Dianna Qian
Dianna Qian




 Dianna currently is a core healthcare member of FountainVest Partners, a leading China focused Private Equity with $4.5 Billion under management. FountainVest’s LPs are global top tier pension funds, Endowments, Sovereign funds and etc. Dianna has 17 years of work experiences, among which 14 years were in the healthcare industry. Her role went from a healthcare specialized consultant to a pharmaceutical corporate senior executive, and finally to be a healthcare investor.


Before joining FountainVest, Dianna worked at Fidelity Growth Partners Asia (FGPA), focusing on early stage healthcare investment. Prior to that, Dianna was a Vice President at Boehringer Ingelheim China. She was in charge of Business Development and New Product Planning, focusing on M&A, licensing, collaborations deals and strategic product launch planning. From 2005-2008, Dianna worked at McKinsey & Company Shanghai and New Jersey offices in healthcare practice. In the capacity of Engagement Manager, Dianna has worked on more than a dozen of projects in drugs, vaccines, medical devices, distribution and etc., During 1999-2005, Dianna worked at Goldman Sachs Asia in Hong Kong and The Boston Consulting Group Shanghai office.


Dianna holds a MBA degree from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.