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Dr. Tse Wen Chang
Dr. Tse Wen Chang

 founder and CEO


  Immunwork, Inc

Dr. Chang cofounded Tanox in Houston, Texas in 1986 and invented in 1987 the anti-IgE therapy, leading to the development of talizumab, omalizumab (Xolair), and ligelizumab. Xolair has been approved for treating severe allergic asthma and severe chronic spontaneous urticaria. He returned to Taiwan in 1996 to serve as the dean of the College of Life Sciences, Tsing Hua University, and subsequently the President of Development Center for Biotechnology. He was a Distinguished Research Fellow in the Genomics Research Center in Academia Sinica in 2006-2015. His group discovered CemX domain on membrane IgE and developed an anti-CemX antibody UB221, which is in clinical development. Dr. Chang is now leading Immunwork to develop “T-E technology” platform, which can be used to create new drugs with both targeting and effector moieties. More than 20 new drugs have been designed for applications in oncology, autoimmune, infectious, CNS diseases, and other disease