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Henry H. Sun
Henry H. Sun


Vice President




 Tasly Holding Group Co. Ltd., Tianjin, China

Henry H. Sun


Vice President, Tasly Holding Group Co. Ltd., Tianjin, China

President and CEO, Tasly Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Rockville, Maryland, USA

Professor, Tianjin University, School of Pharmacy, Tianjin, China

Special Professor, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK.


Henry Sun graduated from Shanghai Medical University in 1982. After receiving his PhD in Clinical Pharmacology and Biopharmaceutics from the University of Connecticut in 1993, Dr. Sun served at the US FDA as a regulatory reviewer, then was promoted to one of the top-ranked agency-level Expert Scientist/Reviewer in 2000.  In 2006Dr. Sun joined Tasly Group Co. Ltd. as the Vice President and Tianjin University as a Professor and Department Head of Regulatory Science and Clinical Pharmacology. Dr. Sun is also a Special Professor at the School of Medicine, University of Nottingham of UK, Adjunct Research Scientist at the NIH of USA, and founder and CEO of Aexon Research, Inc., a full service global CRO firm focusing on regulatory consultations and clinical research programs.

During his tenure at the US FDA, Dr. Sun made exceptional contributions to the regulatory science by serving as the chairperson or representative key member of seven FDA Regulatory Guidance Committees and made several innovative regulatory decisions still being treated as internal examples today. Dr. Sun received nine FDA research grants, three MOST grants total worth more than US$6 million.

In his current industry and academic positions, Dr. Sun leads all phases of corporation and program developments. His team completed 129 INDs and NDAs in USA, Australia, Japan, China, etc. Sun also has 100+ publications in peer reviewed journals and hundreds conference presentations over the times in his profession.

Dr. Sun’s present interests are to develop special modernized TCM, biologic, and generic drug products; to set up pharmacometric teams in China; to build the best Regulatory Training Programs and to help international medical and pharmaceutical products to cross-penetrate local markets, such as USA, Canada, EU, Africa, Russia,etc.