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Siu Yow Wee
Siu Yow Wee

 Director Station Operations


 SMRT Trains Ltd, Singapore

Siu Yow Wee currently heads the Station Operation Management of SMRT Trains North-South and East West Lines, overseeing 58 Stations with daily Ridership of 2 Million Passengers.

Prior to this, he helms the SMRT Passenger Service Department as a Director from 2012 to early 2015. During his time at the Passenger Service Department, he undertook the onerous mission of transforming the customer service level across. Mr Siu was the man of choice for this Service position as his experience with SMRT spanned across two of SMRT’s main Businesses – Trains and Buses.
From 2009 to 2012, Mr Siu was the Dy Director of Bus Operations of SMRT Buses where he managed 2000 Bus Captains and operated 1000 Buses. Later, he was appointed as the Chief Engineer at the SMRT Trains Circle Line (fully automated driverless system), responsible for the operations of all 30 Stations and 40 trains in the Circle Line.