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René Jenny
René Jenny

President of the European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP)


European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP)

Mr. René Jenny was elected the President of the European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP) in 2005 and has held this position ever since. In addition Mr. Jenny is also President and Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland and the Swiss wholesalers’ association. Before starting his career within the Galenica Group, where he held different responsibilities on several management levels, he spent 3 years at the Swiss Scientific Council. René took over the general management of Laboratories Hausmann Plc in 1989 and at the end of 1991 became CEO of Vifor Pharma Ltd. In parallel René was General Manager for Central Services of the Galenica Group. In 1996 he became the head of the Division Distribution and Services and in 2004 took over the Market division (including the development of eHealth technologies) of the Galenica Group. By mid-2005 he left the Galenica Group in order to spend more time on personal mandates and to become an entrepreneur, he bought the pharma company Interdelta Plc with activities in Switzerland and scaled it to a mid-sized enterprise. Rene holds a Master Degree in Economics from the University of Fribourg and was awarded in 1994 a SEP from Stanford University.