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CHEN Wei (Kevin)
CHEN Wei (Kevin)




ZhongAn Technology



CHEN Wei (Kevin), CEO of ZhongAn Information Technology Service Co., Ltd (ZhongAn Technology); Deputy Director of Financial Blockchain Application Committee of China FinTech Innovation Alliance. Graduated with a bachelor degree in computing and a MBA degree from Fudan University, Kevin has over fifteen years’ managerial experience of information technology in insurance. Before joining ZhongAn Technology, Kevin has taken managing positions in ZhongAn Insurance, Soochow Life Insurance and Anbang Insurance Group. Kevin proposed a series of theories centering on the idea of “Financial Innovation Empowered by Technology”, which drives remarkable development in terms of the application of InsurTech and blockchain in financial sector. Over the past years, Kevin has been a highly sought-after keynote speaker at major international and domestic summits.