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Shengtao Gao
Shengtao Gao




  Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd


 Founder of1 haolian Big data Supply Chain Finance risk management platform;

 CEO of Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd;

Sponsor of global Supply Chain Finance risk management alliance;

Dean of CCB Fudan University - Supply Chain Technology Finance Research Institute;

Listed in top 50 figures of China Internet Financial Innovation;


Holding nearly 20 years consulting and developing experience in IT integration system between Supply Chain and Finance ;

With domestic long-standing big data mining systems in Supply Chain Finance Risk Management;

The Big data Supply Chain Finance risk management SaaS platform with core technology intellectual property can monitoranalyse and validate the Supply Chain from hundreds to thousands precise dimensions;

Receiving more than 70 honors of Financial technology;

Receiving more than 50 intellectual property rights and patents;


 Cooperating with financial institutions and securities companies currently, providing risk control service in Supply Chain Finance, reducing its financial risk and increasing accuracy of modeling and information dimensions.