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Jeffrey Liu
Jeffrey Liu

 Senior Partner



 Dentons Financial Law Institute


Jeffrey Liu is currently an attorney and the deputy executive director at Dentons (Shanghai). He is also the Deputy Dean at Dentons Financial Law Institute of China region and head of TMT team in Dentons (Shanghai). He is currently a doctoral candidate at Shanghai Jiaotong University specializing in Civil and Commercial Law. He had previously graduated from Xiamen University and Chicago-Kent College of Law with a Master in Civil and Commercial Law and a Master in Comparative International Law respectively. He is appointed as an Off-campus Supervisor at Department of Graduate Education at the East China University of Political Science and Law and the industry lecturer at Shanghai Vancouver Film School. He is also a researcher at the Centre for Judicial Studies at Fudan University.


Practice Area: Fintech, TMT, Commercial Dispute Resolution


In terms of FinTech, Mr. Liu is a specialist in the R&D, risk management, and legal compliance of innovative financial products. He highly values the fusion between legal compliance and business needs of clients, he has been assisting his clients in developing business models, designing business plans, executing risk management measures, and formulating emergency strategies. His clients include but not limited to listed companies, financial corporations, FinTech enterprises (including online lending, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, third-party payment, big data, and IT software), e-commerce enterprises, and commercial factoring companies. Mr. Liu was invited to attend and be the speaker of numerous seminars, including that of Chinese Law Union, China International Lawyers Training Centre, Wolters Kluwer, and Department of Anthropology at Renmin University. He had also participated in Western Returned Scholars Association Chinese Overseas-Educated Scholars Association Entrepreneurship Forum, Future Bank & FinTech Innovation Summit, China Automobile Finance Risk Control Management Summit, Yita Business School Forum, and Lujiazui M&A Forum. He has also assisted the Finance Office in Minhang District to remediate and regulate FinTech platforms. With his experience in FinTech and legal spirit, he was crowned as one of the Top 10 FinTech lawyers in China by LEGALBAND in 2016 and was also identified as the Person of the Year in terms of China FinTech in 2016. He is also the director at Shanghai Finance Information Services Association and one of the founder of Legal Profession Committee.


Mr. Liu has solid experiences in financial and international commercial litigation, as well as arbitration. He represented numerous local and overseas client in dispute resolution related to China. These disputes include issues related to corporate governance, joint venture investment, international trade, debt recovery, and financial products. He was highly recommended by his clients due to his excellent skills and professionalism.


Mr. Liu is currently an arbitrator at the Weihai Arbitration Commission and a member at the Shanghai Lawyers Association Internet Business Research Committee.


Mr. Liu is fluent in English and Chinese.



Phone: +86 13671902086

E-mail: xinyu.liu@dentons.cn