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General Manager


China EverBright Bank Credit Card Center

Mr.Huang is the general manager of General Client Service Dept and High End Client Service Dept in China EverBright Bank Credit Card Center. He is in charge of new credit card designing, customer acquisition channel innovation and marketing campaign. Mr.Huang has more than eighteen years experiences in financial services and banking. During his employment, Mr. Huang actively introduced new technology and models into customer

acquisition process and product development. He promoted to use mobile technology to improve the efficiency of customer approval and successfully expanded many new models for customer acquisition and product development, such as EA ³ service ( Express Apply, Express Approval, Express Authorization ) , 020 Top-speed team, new internet marketing models and so on. During the era of the internet wave, Mr. Huang led his team to launch deep cooperation with BATJ (which are the 4 biggest Internet companies in China) and other large internet companies,explored new business models and created many popular credit card products.