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Medhy Souidi
Medhy Souidi

Vice President   Blockchain Co-Chair


Privé Managers, the FinTech Association

Medhy Souidi brainstorms creative ideas, runs and oversees FinTech events and contents to share knowledge with the community. At Prive, Medhy is responsible for managing implementation of Privé's award winning wealth management system for all banking and insurance institutions.

Before joining Privé, Medhy was with a FinTech start-up that provided business-driven, currency agnostic and energy-efficient enterprise class blockchain-based solutions. He was responsible for giving Blockchain solutions and unlocking the macro and micro FINSERV ecosystems by leveraging technology and applications.

Previously, Medhy was Project Manager at UBP where he brought transformational changes to the organization. This followed his time at Credit Agricole where he held roles in risk, advisory and portfolio management in both Paris and Hong Kong. Medhy started his career as an Analyst and Investment Officer in a Development Financial Institution (AFD) in Canada. He developed his enthusiasm and his willingness in order to contribute more sustainable and shared economic growth, and improve living conditions in the poorest regions and countries. In this context, FinTech and Blockchain hold endless potential because financial services can be provided with greater speed, accountability, transparency and efficiency.

Medhy holds a Master’s degree in Economy & Financial Engineering from the French University of Paris-Dauphine. He also graduated from the MIT and obtained the FinTech Certificate with honors.