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WANG Zhonghai
WANG Zhonghai

Deputy director of General R&D  division


CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co.

Mr Zhonghai Wang, Master Degree, graduated from Harbin Engineering University in 2006. After graduation, Mr Zhonghai Wang has been devoting himself to the research and development of railway vehicles until now. He was engaged in all types of A/B/C metro development projects, including domestic projects such as Shenyang Metro Line 1, Shanghai Metro Line 6 and Line 8, Chongqing Metro Line1, Beijing Metro Line 6, etc. and oversea projects such as Argentina Metro, Hongkong West Island Line, etc. Meanwhile, he directed and managed several fully automatic driving vehicle projects, including Hongkong South Island Line, Beijing Subway YANFANG Line and Next Generation Line (a beforehand research project sponsored by Ministry of Science and technology of China). One point should be emphasized is Beijing Subway YANFANG Line, which is the first fully automatic driving project with fully autonomous intellectual property rights and made totally domestically. The success of YANFANG Line helps Chinese Railway Industry break the relative technical barriers, accumulates experience of the application and popularization of fully automatic driving technique in China, and brings along the industrialization upgrade of relevant domestically-developed core systems.